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Belgian cardmakers have been actively designing and exporting playing cards since the 14th century.

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Biermans for the Estanco de Naipes del Peru 1965

Biermans for the Estanco de Naipes del Peru

Standard Genoese pattern with French indices made by Biermans for Cigarrillo Holiday and the Estanco de Naipes del Perú.

Biermans Genoese pattern

Biermans Genoese pattern

Biermans Genoese pattern for Clayson agricultural machinery, late 1960s.

Boerenbond Veevoeders 1968

Boerenbond Veevoeders

Promotional deck designed by Ray Goossens for the Boerenbond farmers’ union, c.1968.

Bon Gout No.11 with Crimean War aces 1860

Bon Gout No.11 with Crimean War aces

Made by Mesmaekers & Moentack of Turnhout.



One of the outstanding and most popular packs made by the Turnhout cardmakers was the Bongoût type. Special scenic Aces could be added to packs according to the client’s preferences.

Brazil Pictorial Aces 1920

Brazil Pictorial Aces

Genoese pattern with Pictorial Aces for Brazil by Brepols, Turnhout, c.1920.

Brepols Genoese pattern

Brepols Genoese pattern

“Cartes Françaises” and Genoese pattern by Brepols.

British Airways Concorde 2003

British Airways Concorde

British Airways Concorde playing cards made in Belgium by Carta Mundi, before 2003.

Brussels Euro Joker Club 1998 1998

Brussels Euro Joker Club 1998

Brussels Euro Joker Club's 10th Anniversary deck, with artwork by Yvette Cleuter, was produced in a limited, signed and numbered edition of 400 copies.

Butagaz 1976


“Butagaz” playing cards for the French gas company, c.1976

Calavera Playing Cards 2015

Calavera Playing Cards

Calavera playing cards designed by Jirs Huygen for Cartamundi, 2015

Carta Mundi

Carta Mundi

Carta Mundi was founded in Turnhout on 27 June 1970 by pooling the production and sales facilities of the three surviving companies: Brepols, Van Genechten and Leonard Biermans.

Cartes de Luxe (1877) facsimile 1877

Cartes de Luxe (1877) facsimile

‘Cartes de Luxe’ first published by Biermans in 1877 was reproduced in facsimile by Amstel Beer in c.1980.

Cerveza ‘El Gallo’ 1880

Cerveza ‘El Gallo’

Advertising pack for Cerveza ‘El Gallo’ made in Belgium, c.1880.

Chi Chi Pai 1890

Chi Chi Pai

Chinese “Chi Chi Pai” Playing Cards by Mesmaekers Frères for Far East market.

Cigar Bands 1960

Cigar Bands

A collection of 24 cigar bands with miniature playing cards.

Club Soft Drinks 1980

Club Soft Drinks

Promotional pack for Club soft drinks with amusing illustrations of different kinds of ‘club’.

Commedia dell’Carte 1977

Commedia dell’Carte

Commedia dell’Carte political transformation cards illustrated by Stef van Stiphout, Belgium, 1977.



Daveluy produced card games between c.1840 and 1890. Many of his playing cards have historical connotations and show figures with a landscape background.