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French Playing Cards

Some of the oldest cards still in existence come from France. During the 16th and 17th centuries France was the major supplier of playing cards in Europe.

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This “Jeu de Familles” from the 1960s designed by Jean Bachès promotes Chambord glassware.

Charles Cheminade Tarot 1740

Charles Cheminade Tarot

Marseille Tarot cards by Charles Cheminade of Grenoble, France, early 18th century.

Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte 1994

Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte

Famous people associated with Nicolas Fouquet’s splendid château of Vaux-le-Vicomte.

Chocolat du Planteur 1900

Chocolat du Planteur

Chocolat du Planteur cards (reproduction) by French artist Louis Bourgeois-Borgex, c.1900.

Classique 1949


“Classique” by Draeger Frères, Paris, c.1949 with designs reminiscent of early French cards.

Claude Weisbuch 1997

Claude Weisbuch

Free reinterpretation of the traditional Paris pattern courts by the artist Claude Weisbuch.

Clavecin 1960


Courts in 18th century costume, with designs by F.R. Gabiraud.

CNES playing cards 1995

CNES playing cards

Fully pictorial pack featuring rockets, satellites, scientists and views from space.

Compagnie Industrielle des Téléphones 1950

Compagnie Industrielle des Téléphones

Publicity pack featuring various historical figures “on the ‘phone”.

Compagnie Maritime des Chargeurs Réunis 1975

Compagnie Maritime des Chargeurs Réunis

French navigators and explorers on a promotional pack for the C.M.C.R shipping company.

Conseil Général de la Somme 1985

Conseil Général de la Somme

Famous people and places of the Somme department in northern France, with designs by James Hodges.

Correspondances 1985


‘Correspondances’ depicting the 52 transfer stations of the Paris Métropolitain, France, 1985.

Corsaires et Flibustiers 1958

Corsaires et Flibustiers

“Corsaires et Flibustiers” playing cards created by G. Delluc and published by Éditions Philibert, Paris, 1958.

Costumes Alsaciens 1988

Costumes Alsaciens

Typical costumes and views of Alsace together with lists of the principal sights.

Costumes des Peuples Étrangers 1820

Costumes des Peuples Étrangers

Costumes des Peuples Étrangers & Jeu d’Or dedicated to young people and likely used for games and fortune-telling.

Dames de France 1817

Dames de France

“Dames de France” published by J-M Simon based on originals by Armand Gustave Houbigant, Paris, c.1817

Dauphiné Pattern

Dauphiné Pattern

The Dauphiné pattern is an archaic French pattern which was manufactured in the Lyons region from the 17th century.

De La Rue Continental 1870

De La Rue Continental

During the latter part of the nineteenth century De La Rue produced two special packs of cards for the Continental market. The Aces of Spades are marked "De La Rue & Co. London and Paris".



Spanish-suited cards by Dessoris, Perpignan, which anticipate the French Catalan pattern.

Dieudonné & Cie Aluette

Dieudonné & Cie Aluette

Aluette playing cards manufactured by Dieudonné & Cie, Angers (France), early 20th century.