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Playing cards have been known in the Low Countries since the 14th century

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Lattmann No.9 playing cards 1880

Lattmann No.9 playing cards

with illustrated views of Dutch cities on the aces. This pack is for sale or exchange.

Lidia Schöffer art-deco playing cards 1942

Lidia Schöffer art-deco playing cards

A prize winning design from The Netherlands

Lost Boys 1997

Lost Boys

Designs created on the occasion of a chess tournament in Antwerp, 1997.

Marcel Ruijters Tarots 2007

Marcel Ruijters Tarots

Two very remarkable tarots by the award winning Dutch cartoonist Marcel Ruijters.

Master of the Banderoles 1470

Master of the Banderoles

Playing Cards by the Master of the Banderoles, one of the earliest professional printmakers, c.1470.

Max Velthuijs for KLM 1964

Max Velthuijs for KLM

Playing cards designed by Max Velthuijs for KLM airlines first published c.1964

Monty Gum ‘Stars Play’ 1988

Monty Gum ‘Stars Play’

‘Stars Play’ card set published by Monty Gum, Leiden, 1988.

Nationaal Speelkaart Nº 165

Nationaal Speelkaart Nº 165

Wüst: Nationaal Speelkaart Nº 165 issued for the Dutch market

Nationale-Nederlanden 1984


Playing cards produced for Nationale-Nederlanden insurance company, 1984.

Natuurkwartet 1980


Nature Quartet game published by Staatsbosbeheer, printed by Roem Speelkaarten, Kampen.

Nederlands Stedenkwartet 1970

Nederlands Stedenkwartet

Nederlands Stedenkwartet with heraldic needlepoint patterns by Permin, c.1970.

Nederlandsche Oliefabriek 1920

Nederlandsche Oliefabriek

This beautiful quartet game from Holland illustrates the strange life cycle of the peanut.

Nederlandse Speelkaarten Fabriek 1910

Nederlandse Speelkaarten Fabriek

Shipping line playing cards produced by Nederlandse Speelkaarten Fabriek, c.1910 offering a virtual tour of destinations to the Far East

Neerlands Glorie 1945

Neerlands Glorie

Neerlands Glorie Kwartetspel published by Hausemann & Hötte N.V, Amsterdam, 1945.



Playing cards have been known in the Low Countries since the 14th century

Netherlands Kostuum Kwartet 1983

Netherlands Kostuum Kwartet

Dutch costumes quartet game designed by Gerard Huijg, 1983.

Non-Standard playing cards from The Netherlands 1944
Noord Braband 1952

Noord Braband

“Historical Playing Cards” originally commissioned by Northern Brabant Insurance Society and manufactured by Speelkaartenfabriek Nederland in 1943.

Oude Kunst (Old Art) playing cards with Wüst courts 1930

Oude Kunst (Old Art) playing cards with Wüst courts

made for export to the Netherlands.

Papita Sport Kwartet 1975

Papita Sport Kwartet

Papita Sport Kwartet by Nederlandse Spellenfabriek, c.1975.