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Playing cards first arrived in England during the 15th century, but none have survived from such an early date.

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St George Game

St George Game

St George Game, 1858, depicting St George and other saints engaged in battle slaying the dragon to save souls from perdition.

Stainless steel playing cards 2005

Stainless steel playing cards

Out-of-the-ordinary set in an unusual container.

Star Wars 2002

Star Wars

‘Star Wars’ playing cards produced by Character Games, 2002



‘Starlight’ playing cards - brightening the lives of seriously ill children - published by Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies Ltd.

Stocks & Shares 1957

Stocks & Shares

Stocks & Shares card game first published by Pepys Games in 1957.

Stop Thief & Snip-Snap 1895

Stop Thief & Snip-Snap

Another late Victorian family card game by Thomas de la Rue & Co Ltd, c.1895 with beautifully illustrated period characters.

Stop! I forbid the Sale!

Stop! I forbid the Sale!

“Stop! I forbid the Sale!” card game published by H.P. Gibson & Sons Ltd, c.1939.

Storks Snap 2016

Storks Snap

Snap game based on characters from the film “Storks” c.2016.

Strip Tease 1937

Strip Tease

‘Strip Tease’ card game featuring characters involved in the performance and subsequent prosecution of an imaginary strip tease

Strongbow ‘House of Horror’ 2015

Strongbow ‘House of Horror’

‘House of Horror’ Halloween deck published by Strongbow cider, 2015.

Suicide King

Suicide King

The King of Hearts, holding a sword behind his head, is sometimes nicknamed the “Suicide King”. He can be seen to derive from a late medieval design showing a King wielding a battle axe.

Sum-it Card Game 1935

Sum-it Card Game

‘Sum-it’ Card Game published by Sum-It Card Games Ltd. c.1935.

Swastika designs

Swastika designs

Swastika design playing cards by De La Rue, c.1925.

Sweetule Natural History cards 1961

Sweetule Natural History cards

Small cards featuring natural history subjects, given away with packets of sweet cigarettes.

Sylabex / Wordmaker 1948

Sylabex / Wordmaker

Sylabex / Wordmaker was first published by Pepys in 1948.

T. Drayton & Son 1875

T. Drayton & Son

Bezique and Whist boxed sets by T. Drayton & Son, London, c.1875.

Take Control : Drugs 2007

Take Control : Drugs

Take Control : Drug advice playing cards produced by Safer Publications, United Kingdom, 2007.

Tarot of the Everlasting Day - AI Generated Tarot 2022

Tarot of the Everlasting Day - AI Generated Tarot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated tarot deck produced by Marcus Katz. Is this science fiction or the future of tarot?

Tax Payers’ Alliance

Tax Payers’ Alliance

The Tax Payers’ Alliance Political Trumps was first produced in 2007.

Tea & Coffee Lovers playing cards 2020

Tea & Coffee Lovers playing cards

Tea & Coffee Lovers playing cards produced by Cultzilla.