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The manufacture of playing cards in America only began during the second half of the 18th century, and not before 1776 by some estimates.

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Anne Stokes Collection

Anne Stokes Collection playing cards, 2010.

Anne Stokes Collection 2010

AO MATU Playing Cards by Nastya KFKS

A custom deck with magnificent characters, illustrations and tropical design. Inspired by the nature of the Polynesian islands. Wild and truly unique.

AO MATU Playing Cards by Nastya KFKS 2015

Apache Playing Cards

Apache Indian Playing Cards made on rawhide, first recorded 1875.

Apache Playing Cards 1875

Army & Navy

Andrew Dougherty’s Army & Navy deck from the Civil War era, c.1865.

Army & Navy

Army & Navy No.303

Over the years eight different Aces of Spades were used with this brand and the Joker was also modified several times.

Army & Navy No.303 1881

Army No.303

The Joker is particularly persuasive, whilst the Ace of Spades has a battle scene involving artillery, with Navy ships in the distance and the statue of the goddess of Freedom in the middle.

Army No.303 1881


ARRCO Playing Card Co., Chicago, c.1935 - c.1970s.


Atlantic Playing Card Co

Atlantic Playing Card Co., Inc. promoted Bridge Ensemble boxes and companion accessories.

Atlantic Playing Card Co


Authors quartet game published by Whitman Publishing Co., 1951.

Authors 1951

Avengers Playing Cards by Theory11

Marvel’s Avengers: The Infinity Saga Premium Playing Cards produced by Theory11 and designed by Mattson Creative, 2021.

Avengers Playing Cards by Theory11 2021

Avilude or Game of Birds

Avilude or Game of Birds published by West & Lee, Worcester, Mass, c.1880.

Avilude or Game of Birds

Bag of Bones

Bag of Bones playing cards, from a series of four decks designed by John Littleboy, 2008.

Bag of Bones 2008

Baggy Clown Joker

Evolution of American Bank Note Co's “Baggy Clown” Joker.

Baggy Clown Joker 1908

Bartlett Ackermann Transformation

Pictorial playing cards published by C. Bartlett, New York, 1833.

Bartlett Ackermann Transformation 1833

Believe Playing Cards

A deck of playing cards inspired by the Wayang Shadow Puppets of the Island of Java.

Believe Playing Cards 2013


Benadryl ® family fun playing cards, c.2000.

Benadryl® 2000

Bible Game

“Fireside Bible Game” (No.1124) published by The Fireside Game Co., Cincinnati, USA, 1899.

Bible Game 1899

Bicicleta num.810

The United States Playing Card Co. issued Spanish versions of their flagship brand.

Bicicleta num.810 1904

Bicycle 808 Bourbon

Bicycle 808 Bourbon themed deck by US Playing Card Company 2017.

Bicycle 808 Bourbon 2017

Bicycle Butterfly

Bicycle Butterfly playing cards from RSVP Magic with artwork by ‘Lotrék’ and printed by USPCC, 2012.

Bicycle Butterfly 2012

Bicycle Civil War Deck

The Civil War Deck designed by Jackson Robinson, 2017.

Bicycle Civil War Deck 2017

Bicycle Cybertech

Bicycle Cybertech playing cards inspired by cyberpunk genre, illustrated by Jamie Meza, 2019.

Bicycle Cybertech 2019

Bicycle Emotions

Bicycle Emotions playing cards with custom emotions on the courts to help you bluff at cards, 2013.

Bicycle Emotions 2013

Bicycle Heritage

Bicycle Heritage playing cards by the United States Playing Card Company, 2012

Bicycle Heritage 2012

Bicycle Knights

Bicycle Knights playing cards designed by Sam Hayles in 2018.

Bicycle Knights 2018

Bicycle No.808

The famous Bicycle playing cards were first introduced by Russell & Morgan Printing Co in 1885.

Bicycle No.808 1885

Bicycle No.808 - page 2

The famous 'Bicycle' playing cards were first introduced by Russell & Morgan Printing Co in 1885. They were hugely successful and became the most well-known brand in the world.

Bicycle No.808 - page 2 1885

Bicycle Seconds

Bicycle 808 Seconds playing cards manufactured by The United States Playing Card Co, Cincinnati and New York, USA, with offices also in Windsor, Canada and London, England.

Bicycle Seconds 1928