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The manufacture of playing cards in America only began during the second half of the 18th century, and not before 1776 by some estimates.

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Bicycle Steampunk

Bicycle Steampunk playing cards with Gothic artwork by Anne Stokes, 2015.

Bicycle Steampunk 2015

Binary Playing Cards

Promotional deck for Honeywell Computers by Brown & Bigelow c.1968 with the cards marked in binary notation

Binary Playing Cards 1968

Biography Channel

The ‘Biography Channel Card Game’, 2002

Biography Channel

Black Cat Fortune Telling Cards

Black Cat Fortune Telling Cards published by Parker Bros, 1897

Black Cat Fortune Telling Cards

Blueblood Redux Playing Cards

Follow-up pack for the 2012 Blue Blood Playing Cards pack on Kickstarter.

Blueblood Redux Playing Cards 2013

Bonnie Blue’s Rummy Cards

Bonnie Blue’s Rummy Cards.

Bonnie Blue’s Rummy Cards 1998

Breaking Bad

“Breaking Bad” fan deck designed by Albino Dragon and manufactured by the USPCC in 2014.

Breaking Bad 2014

Breaking Bad Playing Cards by Jeff Nichol

A set of cards inspired by the hit TV show Breaking Bad, created by Jeff Nichol.

Breaking Bad Playing Cards by Jeff Nichol

Bridge Challenger

“Bridge Challenger” by Fidelity Electronics, 1975

Bridge Challenger

Brown & Bigelow

Brown & Bigelow of St Paul, Minnesota, was a leading producer of playing cards in the U.S. from the late 1920s - 1980s.

Brown & Bigelow

Bush Cards – The Second Term

Cards slanted to the right, issued to mark George W. Bush’s second term of office.

Bush Cards – The Second Term 2005

Cabinet No.707

Russell & Morgan's “Cabinet No.707” brand was first introduced in 1888.

Cabinet No.707 1888

Caesars Palace

‘Aristocrat’ Casino Cards with special courts for Caesars Palace by USPCC 2006.

Caesars Palace 2006

Caleb Bartlett

Caleb Bartlett patriotic deck (reproduction), around 1835-40.

Caleb Bartlett

Capitol No.188

“Capitol No.188” was first introduced during the Russell & Morgan Printing Company era in c.1886 and carried through into the U.S.P.C.C's catalogue after 1895.

Capitol No.188 1895

Card Fabrique Company

Card Fabrique Company had connections with several other manufacturers and their complete history is yet to be unravelled.

Card Fabrique Company

Carnival Playing Cards, 1925

The Carnival Playing Card deck designed by Harry D. Wallace (1892-1977) and first published in 1925.

Carnival Playing Cards, 1925 1925

Celtic Myth Playing Cards by Cultúrlán Enterprises

Celtic Myth playing cards are the third and final set of cards in a series based around the themes of Celtic mythology and society.

Celtic Myth Playing Cards by Cultúrlán Enterprises 2015

Charles Bartlet

Elaborate court cards on a deck by Charles Bartlet, Philadelphia, (who was in fact Samuel Hart) c.1845-60. The pip cards are double-ended. The date may be somewhere between c.1845-65.

Charles Bartlet

Chicken Playing Cards

Chicken Playing Cards designed by Susan Krupp, 2017.

Chicken Playing Cards 2017

Christmas Playing Cards

Christmas Playing Cards published by Novelty Playing Cards, Syracuse, New York, 1986.

Christmas Playing Cards 1986

Circus Transformation Cards

Deluxe Limited Edition Circus Transformation Deck designed by F. Robert Schick, 1988

Circus Transformation Cards 1988

Civil Unrest Playing Cards

A deck of cards inspired by the American Civil War, featuring leaders, army generals, President Abraham Lincoln and other characters from this historical period.

Civil Unrest Playing Cards 2014

Clausen Brewing

It was a common practice for card makers to produce decks under fictitious names particularly when producing advertising decks, to avoid promoting their own name at the expense of the client.

Clausen Brewing 1885

Collecting Playing Cards

How I began Collecting Playing Cards by Robert S. Lancaster

Collecting Playing Cards

Comic Conversation

Old Time “Comic Conversation” cards published by McLoughlin Bros, N.Y., c.1887.

Comic Conversation 1887

Congress No.606

Congress Playing Cards were first produced by the Russell & Morgan Company in 1881 as the finest and most expensive of their brands.

Congress No.606 1881

Continental Card Co

The Continental Card Company, 220 North Second Street, Philadelphia, started in 1874, manufacturing various qualities of playing cards, including Continental Steamboats, Manhattans, Continental Moguls, etc. Single-ended and double-ended decks are known, also a "Highest Trump" Joker.

Continental Card Co 1875