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The manufacture of playing cards in America only began during the second half of the 18th century, and not before 1776 by some estimates.

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Firefly Playing Cards

The first-ever officially licensed Firefly Playing Cards. A tribute to the Firefly TV series, featuring iconic symbols and images from the Firefly universe.

Firefly Playing Cards 2015

Fortune Telling

Fortune Telling cards by Whitman Publishing Co., 1940.

Fortune Telling 1940

Four Point

“Four Point” playing cards, a labour of love designed and illustrated by Ben Vierck, 2014

Four Point 2014

Friendly Felines

‘Friendly Felines’ playing cards designed by Azured Ox, 2017.

Friendly Felines 2017

Frozen Court - The Aethiopic Rendering - Limited Edition Playing Cards

A deck made specifically for Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., the first African-american college fraternity, for their 2000 convention.

Frozen Court - The Aethiopic Rendering - Limited Edition Playing Cards 2000

Fungi Mycological Playing Cards

Mystic Mushrooms Playing Cards, 2018.

Fungi Mycological Playing Cards 2018

Game of Cities

Game of Cities published by E.E Fairchild Co, 1932.

Game of Cities 1932

Game of Thrones

“Game of Thrones” playing cards are an official fan deck associated with the HBO adaptation of the books by George R.R. Martin.

Game of Thrones 2016

Gangster playing cards by Jacob Reynolds

A small set of gangster and mafia inspired cards created by Jacob Reynolds.

Gangster playing cards by Jacob Reynolds

Gas Shortages

Screenprint designs on an ever-topical subject, designed and made by Sallie Chinkes, 1979.

Gas Shortages 1979


‘Gemaco’ playing cards produced for the Princess Cruises Casino.

Gemaco 1990

Gibson Playing Card Co

Gibson Playing Card Co., Cincinnati and New York.

Gibson Playing Card Co 1930

Global Unrest Playing Cards

Global Unrest uses a traditional playing card style mixed with a WWII military twist..

Global Unrest Playing Cards 2013

Globe Card Company

“Globe Playing Cards” patented on Oct. 6, 1874 by I. N. Richardson.

Globe Card Company 1874

Grimm's Forest Playing Cards by Lisa Schneller

A non-standard pack created to play an original board game; inspired by the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, such as Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood.

Grimm's Forest Playing Cards by Lisa Schneller

Hamm’s Beer

Hamm’s Beer promotion deck with bear cartoons by Frank M. Antoncich 1968.

Hamm’s Beer

Hana Fuda - Japan

Hana Fuda playing cards hand-made by Patricia Kirk, 2003

Hana Fuda - Japan


Hanky-Panky poker card game, California, c.1975.

Hanky-Panky 1975

Head-to-Head Poker

“Head-to-Head” Poker by Parker Brothers (Hasbro), 2005

Head-to-Head Poker 2005

Helmsley Hotels

Publicity pack for the Harley and Helmsley Hotels, U.S.A., c.1986.

Helmsley Hotels 1986

Hesslers Enhanced

Matt Hessler’s “Enhanced” four-colour playing cards, 2015.

Hesslers Enhanced 2015

Hesslers Rider Back Playing Cards

Hesslers Rider Back Playing Cards with two different coloured backs, 2019.

Hesslers Rider Back Playing Cards 2019

Highway Travel

Highway Travel card game by Warren Paper Products, c.1960s.

Highway Travel 1960

Historic Boston and Vicinity

Historic Boston and Vicinity Souvenir Playing Cards, 1909.

Historic Boston and Vicinity 1909

History of the War playing cards designed by Lino Palacio

History of the War" playing cards designed by the Argentinean cartoonist Lino Palacio (1903-1984) who was the author of unforgettable characters like Ramona, Don Fulgencio, Doña Tremebunda, Agapito and his shadow, Cicuta and many others.

History of the War playing cards designed by Lino Palacio

Holiday Games

IE Design Holiday Games, c.1990s.

Holiday Games

Hot Sauce Playing Cards

Each card shows an image of a bottle of hot Chilli Sauce (spelt 'chile' on the cards), a map of where the product is made, a heat gauge plus amusing notes and information about the particular sauce.

Hot Sauce Playing Cards

Housewives Tarot

The ‘Housewives Tarot’ designed by Paul Kepple & Jude Buffum, published by Quirk Books, 2004.

Housewives Tarot 2004