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Closely following the development of visual advertising in general, such as on labels, packaging, posters and TV commercials, advertising playing cards seek to find ways to associate products with our inner desires and longings, with our identity and who we want to be. Some packs are widely distributed as part of larger promotions, others are more exclusive. In some cases single cards are collected from inside the advertised product, thereby stimulating further sales to complete a full set.

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Anheuser-Busch 1899


The Kings show American admirals and the Jacks have different officers at each end. The Queens are “Our Colonies”.

Anheuser-Busch Army & Navy 1900

Anheuser-Busch Army & Navy

This deck is commonly known as the “Anheuser-Busch Spanish-American War deck”, issued at the end of the war.



Anonymous Moroccan Playing Cards for Royal Air Maroc airlines and others...

Argenar, Buenos Aires, c.1980 1980

Argenar, Buenos Aires, c.1980

The reverse has advertising for Cymaco motor spares who have branches in Uruguay.

Art Nouveau 1987

Art Nouveau

Elegant gold-printed playing cards in Jugendstil style designed by Otto Benz for Renault, 1987

Arthur Lee & Sons Ltd 1958

Arthur Lee & Sons Ltd

Advertising deck produced for Arthur Lee and Sons Ltd of Sheffield by Thomas De la Rue around 1958.

Artistas del Cine 1926

Artistas del Cine

Advertising pack designed by J. Passos and first printed by Cromografía Irández, Barcelona, c.1926. Re-printed in 1995.

Asociart promotional playing cards, Argentina, 2000 2000

Asociart promotional playing cards, Argentina, 2000

Asociart Insurance promotional playing cards, Argentina, 2000.

Astra Games 1982

Astra Games

Astra Games was a subsidiary of the McCorquodale Group of Companies, producing playing cards during the period 1982-87.

Atlantic Playing Card Co

Atlantic Playing Card Co

Atlantic Playing Card Co., Inc. promoted Bridge Ensemble boxes and companion accessories.

Austrian Lloyd Steamship Company 1895

Austrian Lloyd Steamship Company

Possibly one of the most beautiful decks produced for commercial purposes, this was printed by Modiano for the Austrian Lloyd Steamship Company of Trieste in c.1895

Austrian Wine 1965

Austrian Wine

Skat deck for Austria’s excellent wines, Österreichischer Weinwirtschaftsfonds, c.1965

Avengers Playing Cards by Theory11 2021

Avengers Playing Cards by Theory11

Marvel’s Avengers: The Infinity Saga Premium Playing Cards produced by Theory11 and designed by Mattson Creative, 2021.

Axe Deodorant 2004

Axe Deodorant

Clearly promoting good personal hygiene, each card shows a young, pouting female model posing seductively and appealing to the playboy.

Axminster 100 playing cards 1998

Axminster 100 playing cards

Special non-standard pack produced for Axminster Carpets Ltd.

B & K Skat 1971

B & K Skat

Publicity pack designed by Henning Loerzer for Busskamp & Koch, an advertising agency in Munich.

B. Braun-Dexon<sup>®</sup> 1986

B. Braun-Dexon®

Publicity pack promoting B. Braun-Dexon’s atraumatic needles, with non-standard courts and pips.

Back to Country 1979

Back to Country

Advertising playing cards for a Japanese fashion house, with reversed colours.

Bahía Graf, printers, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bahía Graf, printers, Buenos Aires, Argentina

A pack specially designed for a sandwich bar and cake shop. The jokers show a pile of sandwiches.

Banco for Air France, c.1952 1952

Banco for Air France, c.1952

Banco playing cards for Air France manufactured by Draeger Frères, c.1952.