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Closely following the development of visual advertising in general, such as on labels, packaging, posters and TV commercials, advertising playing cards seek to find ways to associate products with our inner desires and longings, with our identity and who we want to be. Some packs are widely distributed as part of larger promotions, others are more exclusive. In some cases single cards are collected from inside the advertised product, thereby stimulating further sales to complete a full set.

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C.L.Wüst Poster Stamps 1910

C.L.Wüst Poster Stamps

A set of advertising poster stamps for C.L.Wüst playing cards.

C.W.S. ‘Game of Snap’ 1930

C.W.S. ‘Game of Snap’

C.W.S. ‘Game of Snap’ advertising household products, Manchester (UK), 1930s.

Cadbury Heritage Collection 1998

Cadbury Heritage Collection

Cadbury Heritage Collection playing cards, United Kingdom, 1998.

Caledonian Airways “European Phrases” 1994

Caledonian Airways “European Phrases”

“European Phrase” playing cards produced for Caledonian Airways, 1994.

Campari playing cards 2017

Campari playing cards

Publicity pack for Campari, designed for the Portuguese or Brazilian market.



Health & Safety playing cards designed as a teaching aid to improve safety standards in the workplace

Capel Vinos 2001

Capel Vinos

Advertising playing cards for Capel Vinos S.A., manufactured by Naipes Comas, 2001.

Capilettor 1978


Capilettor cartoon playing cards published by ASS, Leinfelden, 1978.

Cardiology Trials 2003

Cardiology Trials

Cardiology Trials - limited edition playing cards by Krakowskie Zaklady Wyrobów Papierowych Trefl (KZWP), 2003

Carousel Playing Cards 2019

Carousel Playing Cards

Carousel Playing Cards commissioned by Tesco stores, 2019.

Carreras Ltd Playing Cards and Dominoes, 1929 1929

Carreras Ltd Playing Cards and Dominoes, 1929

Carreras Ltd miniature playing cards and dominoes, 1929

Carreras Ltd Tobacco Advertising

Carreras Ltd Tobacco Advertising

Carreras issued a number of advertising packs, cigarette and trade cards, miniature packs, etc during the 1920s and 30s.

Cartavi 1970


Promotional pack for AVI paints, with 54 different colours on the backs.

Cartes à Jouer Héron

Cartes à Jouer Héron

Promotional decks by Héron.

Cartes de Luxe (1877) facsimile 1877

Cartes de Luxe (1877) facsimile

‘Cartes de Luxe’ first published by Biermans in 1877 was reproduced in facsimile by Amstel Beer in c.1980.

Cartográfica Industrial, Curitiba, Brazil

Cartográfica Industrial, Curitiba, Brazil

Double advertising pack made by Cartográfica Industrial for Refrigeração Parana S.A. The extra card contains an insignia with the legend 'CARTAL'.

Casa Escasany

Casa Escasany

Naipes Casa Escasany ~ Magnificent novelty playing cards published by Casa Escasany, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1930s.



Naipes Cassino de Don Clemente, Pasatiempos Gallo S.A., Mexico, c.1988.

Castle Lager 2012

Castle Lager

Castle Lager playing cards, c.2012.

Cefacidal 1975


“Cefacidal” / Mead Johnson medical humour advertising playing cards, c.1975.