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Gó Succo

Gó Succo fruit juice promotion deck featuring Walt Disney cartoons.

Gó Succo

Gulliver’s Travels

Gulliver’s Travels by Pepys Games, based on the cartoon film, 1940.

Gulliver’s Travels

Habemus Boda, 2004

“Habemus Boda” deck celebrating the royal wedding of Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia of Spain with cartoons by Sir Cámara

Habemus Boda, 2004 2004

Hamm’s Beer

Hamm’s Beer promotion deck with bear cartoons by Frank M. Antoncich 1968.

Hamm’s Beer

Happy Families

Happy Families by Norvic Mill, c.1920s.

Happy Families

Hello Kitty

Waddington’s “Hello Kitty” themed deck produced in 2009.

Hello Kitty 2009

Hello Kitty

“Hello Kitty” playing cards published by Sanrio, manufactured in China, 2013

Hello Kitty 2013

Huckleberry Hound Booby

Tower Press “Huckleberry Hound Booby” No 6648, c.1962.

Huckleberry Hound Booby

Inspector Gadget

The Adventures of Inspector Gadget quartet game published by Fournier in 1983.

Inspector Gadget 1983

Jacqueline Wilson Playing Cards

“Jacqueline Wilson” playing cards were illustrated by Nick Sharratt and published by Winning Moves UK Ltd in 2007.

Jacqueline Wilson Playing Cards 2007

Juegos Victoria | Juguetes Royal

Juegos Victoria – Juguetes Royal – publishers of children’s card games in Argentina during the 1960s and ‘70s.

Juegos Victoria | Juguetes Royal

Jungle Book

Jungle Book by Pepys games, inspired by Walt Disney, 1967

Jungle Book

Käpt’n Blaubär

Käpt’n Blaubär quartett for Deutsche Postbank AG, 2010.

Käpt’n Blaubär 2010

Kuningas Artturin Ritarit

“Kuningas Artturin Ritarit” (King Arthur’s Knights) playing cards designed by Mauri Kunnas

Kuningas Artturin Ritarit

Las Cartas de Sara

Las Cartas de Sara (Yerba Mate) based on an idea by Diego Silva Pintos and illustrated by Hogue. Produced by Color/9, c.2003.

Las Cartas de Sara 2003

Le Bossu de Notre-Dame

“Le Bossu de Notre-Dame” families card game published by Ducale (France Cartes), c.1998.

Le Bossu de Notre-Dame 1988

Les Mousquetaires

Philibert "Les Mousquetaires" Playing Cards, designed by Albert Dubout (1905-1976).

Les Mousquetaires 1954

Loriot Rummy

Delightful comical deck designed by Loriot, the German cartoonist and comedian, 1973.

Loriot Rummy 1973

Löwen Entertainment

Skat deck for Löwen Entertainment, producers of electronic gaming machines, 1986

Löwen Entertainment

Michelin Tyres, c.1970

Michelin Tyres by Waddingtons, c.1970.

Michelin Tyres, c.1970

Mickey Mouse y Amigos

“Mickey Mouse y Amigos” Spanish-suited pack mimicking Fournier’s Castilian pattern, 2001

Mickey Mouse y Amigos

Mickey’s Fun Fair

Mickey’s Fun Fair published by Pepys Games in collaboration with Walt Disney, 1939.

Mickey’s Fun Fair

Micky Mau~Mau

Micky Mau~Mau by F. X. Schmid, 1978.

Micky Mau~Mau 1978

Miniature Disney deck

Mickey Mouse card game is part of a promotion for Rübezahl Schokoladen GmbH (Germany).

Miniature Disney deck

Mordillo Skat

Mordillo Skat designed by Guillermo Mordillo, c.1979

Mordillo Skat 1979

Mr. Men™

Mr. Men™ & Little Miss™ playing cards by Roger Hargreaves

Mr. Men™ 2011

Mundialito de Radiolandia 2000

‘Mundialito’ toy football playing cards published inside the magazine ‘Radiolandia 2000’, Argentina, 1978.

Mundialito de Radiolandia 2000 1978

Naipes Garaycochea

Humorous playing cards designed by Carlos Garaycochea, Buenos Aires, c.2002.

Naipes Garaycochea 2002

Naipes Hijitus

Naipes HIJITUS playing cards were published during the mid-1980s as an insert in the children’s comic Anteojito.

Naipes Hijitus 1986