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Playing Cards from Childhood highlight card games that have entertained and educated young generations. With imaginative illustrations and engaging designs, these games promote strategic thinking, social interaction and friendly competition. Rediscover their timeless charm and the role they play in fostering creativity, skill development and treasured memories for children worldwide.

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Golden Egg 1950

Golden Egg

Chad Valley “Golden Egg” card game.

Golly Misfitz 1905

Golly Misfitz

Golly Misfitz from c1905.

Happy Families

Happy Families

Happy Families designed by A.E. Kennedy, 1930s.

Happy Families

Happy Families

Happy Families is probably one of the most popular card games ever invented, with educational benefits relating to sorting and matching of sets, as well as early literacy and elementary genealogy, flowers or bird identification, etc.

Happy Families, c.1930 1930

Happy Families, c.1930

“Happy Families” game published by Chad Valley c.1930 drawn in the slightly grotesque style of the Victorian era.

Happy Families, c.1950 1950

Happy Families, c.1950

Chad Valley “Happy Families” card game, c.1950.

Hello Kitty 2009

Hello Kitty

Waddington’s “Hello Kitty” themed deck produced in 2009.

Hello Kitty 2013

Hello Kitty

“Hello Kitty” playing cards published by Sanrio, manufactured in China, 2013.

Hornby Playing Cards 2011

Hornby Playing Cards

Hornby Playing cards are a retro deck designed and produced by Wild and Wolf copyright 2011.

Hurry-Up Misfitz 1907

Hurry-Up Misfitz

Faulkner's “Hurry-Up Misfitz”, with some fine illustrations of vintage methods of transportation, was designed by George Lambert, c.1907

Jacqueline Wilson Playing Cards 2007

Jacqueline Wilson Playing Cards

“Jacqueline Wilson” playing cards were illustrated by Nick Sharratt and published by Winning Moves UK Ltd in 2007.

Jeu des 7 Familles by J.J.F 1904

Jeu des 7 Familles by J.J.F

“Jeu des 7 Familles” by Jeux et Jouets Français of Paris, 1904.

Linda Edgerton Happy Families 1925

Linda Edgerton Happy Families

Linda Edgerton ‘Happy Families’ published by Chad Valley Games, Harborne, England, c.1925.

Lion Coffee

Lion Coffee

Lion Coffee Mother Goose card game, late 19th C.

Little Folk Misfitz 1910

Little Folk Misfitz

C. W. Faulkner & Co. Ltd were prolific card game manufacturers over a period of around 50 years, c.1870-1920.

Mother Goose’s Party, or Merry Game of Old Maid 1887

Mother Goose’s Party, or Merry Game of Old Maid

Mother Goose’s Party, or Merry Game of Old Maid, McLoughlin Bros., Inc., USA, 1887.

Nursery Rhyme Snap 1950

Nursery Rhyme Snap

Chad Valley ‘Nursery Rhyme Snap’ 1950, depicting ten popular nursery rhymes.

Oliver Twist Snap 1890

Oliver Twist Snap

Oliver Twist Series Snap card game manufactured by A. Collier, London, c.1890.

Our Pets Snap 1930

Our Pets Snap

“Our Pets Snap” designed by A. E. Kennedy for Faulkner & Co., c.1930s.

Paw Patrol 2016

Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol Jumbo Playing Cards by Cardinal 2016.