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Creative collaborations and the inclusion of numerous artists have resulted in an increase of distinctive and aesthetically striking card decks.

The collaboration of multiple artists in playing card design represents a noteworthy trend. Working together with different artists allows designers to access a variety of viewpoints and talents, resulting in the development of more original and captivating playing card designs. Each artist involved in the collaboration brings their own unique style, vision and technique to the project, whilst the result is a cohesive deck.

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4 Seasons Playing Cards

4 Seasons Playing Cards

Colours of the Four Seasons - Playing Card Art Deck

A Million Dollar Tarot: The Alleyman’s Tarot 2023

A Million Dollar Tarot: The Alleyman’s Tarot

The Alleyman’s Tarot successfully raised $1,404,172 on Kickstarter. This unique 133-card deck includes a mix of traditional and non-traditional tarot cards, offering a new approach to tarot readings.

Aces Playing Cards (2nd edition) 2012

Aces Playing Cards (2nd edition)

‘Aces Playing Cards’ collaborative art deck published by Zeixs, Cologne (2nd edition).

Art for Life 2014

Art for Life

Art for Life playing cards illustrated by Francesc Artigau i Seguí for the British Red Cross, 2014.

Art for the Earth 1992

Art for the Earth

“Art for the Earth” Transformation Deck published by Andrew Jones Art for Friends of the Earth, 1992.

Art Quilt playing cards 1995

Art Quilt playing cards

A pack showcasing the work of 54 of America’s finest quilt artists.

Art:pack in aid of the Irish Hospice Foundation 2001

Art:pack in aid of the Irish Hospice Foundation

A deck of cards to raise awareness of the Irish Hospice Foundation.

Artist’s Aces of Spades 1986

Artist’s Aces of Spades

Artist’s Aces of Spades deck published by Robert Billingsley, USA, 1986.

Atout Cœur! 1985

Atout Cœur!

Poster designs by children for an anti-smoking campaign in the Midi-Pyrenées region of France.

Baraja Española de Pintores Murcianos 1986

Baraja Española de Pintores Murcianos

A Spanish-suited pack as conceived by 48 different artists from the region of Murcia.

Basler Fasnachts-Karten 1987

Basler Fasnachts-Karten

The Basler Fasnachts deck is designed each year by a different local artist.

C-Arts 2003


Collective Arts pack designed by sixty-three collaborating artists, illustrators and designers, Russia, 2003.

Chance Playing Cards by Catalyst UK 1998

Chance Playing Cards by Catalyst UK

CHANCE Playing Cards are produced by Catalyst, an open group of women artists and scientists founded in 1995 in Portsmouth UK.

Cleveland Museum of Art artists card game 1993

Cleveland Museum of Art artists card game

Cleveland Museum of Art artists card game, USA, c.1993.

Creative Cards 2012

Creative Cards

For this pack a different designer collaborated for each individual card, resulting in a diverse and unique deck.

Decadence? 1999


“Decadence?” playing cards published by the Crafts Council, London in 1999.

Go Go Gorillas! 2013

Go Go Gorillas!

Go Go Gorillas! charity playing cards sponsored by the Eastern Daily Press and the Norwich Evening News.

Hawaiian playing cards 2015

Hawaiian playing cards

Hawaiian playing cards in the style of classic Hawaiian wood carvings, USA, 2015.

Impressionist Art Cards 2002

Impressionist Art Cards

Details of 13 paintings by 8 different Impressionist artists on elongated cards.

Jeu de Tarot Pocket Fantasy/Science-Fiction

Jeu de Tarot Pocket Fantasy/Science-Fiction

Tarot game pack with fantasy sci-fi artwork on the trumps published by Pocket SF, France.