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The playing card calls for artistic treatment and although the constrained size imposes some limitations there is an almost bewildering wealth and variety of designs in playing cards and their tuck boxes. The serious player requires design to be unobtrusive so that aesthetic considerations remain in the background. However, with modern manufacturing technology more eye-catching designs are becoming popular as gifts, collectibles and for their attractive appearance.

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Baraja Española de Pintores Murcianos 1986

Baraja Española de Pintores Murcianos

A Spanish-suited pack as conceived by 48 different artists from the region of Murcia.

Baraja Literaria 2002

Baraja Literaria

“Baraja Literaria” Spanish pack with cartoons by Serafín, published by Asescoin and manufactured by Naipes Comas, 2002.

Baraja Marinera 1995

Baraja Marinera

‘Baraja Marinera’ designed by Francisco Javier San Juan, published by Asescoin (Madrid), 1995

Baraja Mitológica 1815

Baraja Mitológica

“Baraja Mitológica” was first published in Madrid in c.1815 by Josef Monjardín from engravings by José Martínez de Castro.

Baraja PEPLVM 2004


Baraja PEPLVM features cartoons by Ortuño of famous actors and actresses in roles from epic Roman movies.

Baroque No.2118 1928

Baroque No.2118

“Baroque” by Ferd Piatnik & Sons, Vienna, reflecting a bygone era of fashion.

Barribal Series 1933

Barribal Series

William H. Barribal (1873 - 1956) was a London artist who created the Waddingtons 'Barribal' playing cards series, which are avidly collected today.

Bartlett Ackermann Transformation 1833

Bartlett Ackermann Transformation

Pictorial playing cards published by C. Bartlett, New York, 1833.

Basler Fasnachts-Karten 1987

Basler Fasnachts-Karten

The Basler Fasnachts deck is designed each year by a different local artist.

Berliner Originale 1986

Berliner Originale

“Berliner Originale” designed by Manfred Bofinger, 1986.

Bharata Playing Cards 2018

Bharata Playing Cards

Bharata Playing Cards - Series 2, based on Indian folk art, published by Sunish Chabba, 2018.

Bicycle 808 Bourbon 2017

Bicycle 808 Bourbon

Bicycle 808 Bourbon themed deck by US Playing Card Company 2017.

Bicycle Butterfly 2012

Bicycle Butterfly

Bicycle Butterfly playing cards from RSVP Magic with artwork by ‘Lotrék’ and printed by USPCC, 2012.

Bicycle Knights 2018

Bicycle Knights

Bicycle Knights playing cards designed by Sam Hayles in 2018.

Bicycle Steampunk 2015

Bicycle Steampunk

Bicycle Steampunk playing cards with Gothic artwork by Anne Stokes, 2015.

Bilder zum Tarot 1984

Bilder zum Tarot

Detailed pen and ink drawings of the major arcana by the German artist Helmut Wonschick.

Blue Playing Cards 1960

Blue Playing Cards

“Blue Playing Cards” by Piatnik, 1960s, inspired by the Cubism art movement in which objects are analysed and reassembled in abstracted form

Boulogne-sur-Mer Chamber of Commerce 1974

Boulogne-sur-Mer Chamber of Commerce

Boulogne-sur-Mer Chamber of Commerce & Industry playing cards illustrated by James Hodges, c.1974.

Brunner Möbel 1966

Brunner Möbel

Publicity pack for Brunner Möbel with graphic design by André Stehle, 1966

Brussels Euro Joker Club 1998 1998

Brussels Euro Joker Club 1998

Brussels Euro Joker Club's 10th Anniversary deck, with artwork by Yvette Cleuter, was produced in a limited, signed and numbered edition of 400 copies.