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Facsimiles, Replicas & Recreations of Playing Cards

Facsimiles, Replicas & Recreations

Facsimiles, Replicas & Recreations of playing cards offer a unique glimpse into the evolution of card design. This list includes various reproductions, some based on historical designs from as far back as the 1600s. Each article provides detailed information about the origins and inspirations behind the recreations.

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“Deck with French suits”

“Deck with French suits”

A facsimile of an early 19th century French-suited deck from the collection of F.X. Schmid.

16th Century French Playing Cards based on Illustrations by Gurney Benham 2006

16th Century French Playing Cards based on Illustrations by Gurney Benham

This pack of cards by Rose & Pentagram is said to be based off Pierre Marechal, Rouen pack from the 1600s, but they are actually copies of drawings by Gurney Benham from his book Playing Cards: Their History and Secrets from 1930.

A. Dougherty’s Triplicate Recreation 2014

A. Dougherty’s Triplicate Recreation

A recreated of the original 1876, No. 18, Triplicate deck by A. Dougherty by Michael Scott in 2014.

Antike Götter 1830

Antike Götter

“Antike Götter” - facsimile of antique playing cards originally manufactured by C. A. Müller, Berlin, 1830.

Antique Swiss Playing Cards, c.1530 1530

Antique Swiss Playing Cards, c.1530

The Swiss national suit system of shields, acorns, hawkbells and flowers originated sometime during the fifteenth century.

Antoine Dieudonné c.1850 2007

Antoine Dieudonné c.1850

Reproduction of a pack by Antoine Dieudonné, Grevenmacher, Luxembourg, c1850.

Baraja El Quijote 1981

Baraja El Quijote

Baraja El Quijote, facsimile of original deck designed by E. Pastor, reprinted by Naipes Heraclio Fournier, Spain, 1981.

Baraja Napoleónica 1991

Baraja Napoleónica

Re-edition of a French-suited Spanish pack from the Napoleonic era, with designs by J. Carrafa.

Caleb Bartlett 1840

Caleb Bartlett

Caleb Bartlett patriotic deck (reproduction), around 1835-40.

Calliope: a Renaissance band

Calliope: a Renaissance band

Facsimile of cards attributed to Hans Schäufelein (c. 1480-1540) produced by ‘Calliope’, a New York City-based band.

Cards on Cards (E.H. Locker) 1982

Cards on Cards (E.H. Locker)

Artist Edward Locker’s view of London life in 1799, using every card in the pack as part of the picture.

Carte Méthodique 1982

Carte Méthodique

Reproduction of a French pack by François Silvestre intended to teach heraldry, produced in Paris in 1712.

Cartes de Luxe (1877) facsimile 1877

Cartes de Luxe (1877) facsimile

‘Cartes de Luxe’ first published by Biermans in 1877 was reproduced in facsimile by Amstel Beer in c.1980.

Cries of London 1754

Cries of London

The cards were printed from copper plates, with the red suit symbols being applied later by stencil. The court cards contain interesting miniature versions of the standard full-length figures used on playing cards at the time

Dames de France 1817

Dames de France

“Dames de France” published by J-M Simon based on originals by Armand Gustave Houbigant, Paris, c.1817

David James Binns

David James Binns

Hand-made “Tudor Playing Cards” by David James Binns, age 12.

Eclipse Comic playing cards (reproduction) 2020

Eclipse Comic playing cards (reproduction)

Eclipse Comic playing cards is a reproduction of the first transformation pack printed in the USA in 1876 by F.H. Lowerre.

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Etruria Minchiate

Etruria Minchiate

The Cavaliers are man/beast creatures. The Valets (or Pages) are male for clubs and swords, and female for cups and coins.