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Children's games are distinct from ordinary playing cards, with their most obvious difference being the lack of any court cards or suit marks.

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Animal Snap

The full set of this 'Snap' card game is believed to have 9 characters in sets of four, making a total of 36 cards.

Animal Snap

Animals Quartet printed for Cigarrillos El Figaro, Peru

Animals Quartet game printed for Cigarrillos El Figaro, Peru, early 1900s.

Animals Quartet printed for Cigarrillos El Figaro, Peru

Anno Domini

Anno Domini biblical card game depicting New Testament history, published by John Jaques & Son, c.1875.

Anno Domini 1875

Anno Mundi

Anno Mundi: an early Jaques game described as ‘scripture recreation for the young’ with events in the Bible, c.1875.

Anno Mundi 1875

Anonymous Snap game

Anonymous “Snap” game from the late 19th century.

Anonymous Snap game

Ariel Productions Ltd

The founder of Ariel Productions, Philip Marx, was a prolific publisher of children’s books and comics towards the end of and just after the Second World War.

Ariel Productions Ltd 1954

Armchair Cricket

Armchair Cricket by ex-professional County Cricket player Don Arnold was first marketed by Norfolk House Enterprises in 1983.

Armchair Cricket 1983

Asperge Kwartet

Asperge Kwartet published by Knorr.

Asperge Kwartet

Asterix Abenteuer

Asterix Adventure quartet game by ASS, 1989.

Asterix Abenteuer 1989


Astronaut card game published by Pepys Series (Castell Bros) celebrating the arrival of space travel, 1960s



“Ataque”, a card game simulating football manufactured in Buenos Aires by Vigor S.R.L., 1958.

Ataque 1958

Auction Game

The Auction Game by Multum in Parvo Co., Ltd, c.1900.

Auction Game 1900


Authors quartet game published by Whitman Publishing Co., 1951.

Authors 1951

Aventuras de Sport-Billy

The Adventures of Sport-Billy by H. Fournier, 1981.

Aventuras de Sport-Billy 1981

Avilude or Game of Birds

Avilude or Game of Birds published by West & Lee, Worcester, Mass, c.1880.

Avilude or Game of Birds 1880

Bandsman Snap

Bandsman Snap by Chiefton Products Ltd of Bristol, c.1950s.

Bandsman Snap

Baraja Infantil made in Cuba

cards from a 40-card children's "Questions and Answers" game. The Spanish suit signs have been changed to tambourines, yo-yos, swords and skittles. Printed lithographically in Cuba, c.1930.

Baraja Infantil made in Cuba


“Bargains” was designed by George Lambert for C. W. Faulkner & Co in c.1900.

Bargains 1900

Bass & Bass Jeu des Familles

Bass & Bass ‘Jeu des Familles’ made by Franz-Josef Holler, Münich, 1989.

Bass & Bass Jeu des Familles

Beatrix Potter’s Rummy

Beatrix Potter’s Rummy published by Gibsons Games, c.1985.

Beatrix Potter’s Rummy 1985

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