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Humour on playing cards can come in many forms, and may take the shape of witty, satirical and amusing images, cartoons or text that are printed on the cards. Humour is often used to add an element of fun and light-heartedness to a game, or to make a product more appealing.

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Le Golf de Mose 1991

Le Golf de Mose

Humorous cartoons of golfers in action on playing cards by the artist Mose.

Le Jeu des Chats (Dubout) 2006

Le Jeu des Chats (Dubout)

Cartoon-style illustrations of cats on playing cards created by the French artist Albert Dubout.

Le Jeu des Musiciens 1984

Le Jeu des Musiciens

Artist Silvia Maddonni’s gently humorous take on musicians and their instruments.

Les Moyens de Locomotion Insolites 1984

Les Moyens de Locomotion Insolites

Unlikely, ridiculous or just plain impossible means of transport, drawn by Hubert Rublon.

Little Britain

Little Britain

“Little Britain” fan deck published by the BBC in 2005.

Loriot Rummy 1973

Loriot Rummy

Delightful comical deck designed by Loriot, the German cartoonist and comedian, 1973.

Madam Luck 1998

Madam Luck

“Madam Luck” playing cards designed by B. Adziev, 1998.

Marmite 2018


Fifty-Four images celebrating a UK savoury spread, that has been around one hundred and twenty two years! It's about time!

Mercante in Fiera di Jacovitti 1975

Mercante in Fiera di Jacovitti

Traditional Italian card game with comic designs by Benito Jacovitti.

Metastasis Transformation Playing Cards, 1811

Metastasis Transformation Playing Cards, 1811

First published by S & J Fuller, Rathbone Place, London, September 1st 1811. This Nixon-Fuller deck was the first English deck now commonly known as transformation playing cards - the first use of the term "transformation".

Mickey for Kids

Mickey for Kids

Mickey for Kids playing cards from Disney.

Most Laughable Thing on Earth 1870

Most Laughable Thing on Earth

The Most Laughable Thing on Earth, or, A Trip to Paris published by H. G. Clarke & Co., London, c.1870.

Mr Chad

Mr Chad

Anonymous ‘Mr Chad’ card game, 1940s.

Mr Punch’s Playing Cards 1896

Mr Punch’s Playing Cards

Mr Punch’s Playing Cards, 1896.

Naipes Garaycochea 2002

Naipes Garaycochea

Humorous playing cards designed by Carlos Garaycochea, Buenos Aires, c.2002.

Neues Frag˗ und Antwortspiel 2002

Neues Frag˗ und Antwortspiel

Neues Frag- und Antwortspiel (new question and answer game) from Germany.

Odd Bods playing cards 2012

Odd Bods playing cards

Odd Bods playing cards illustrated by Jonathan Burton, United Kingdom, 2012.

Oh I Say! Snap

Oh I Say! Snap

The screamingly funny “Oh I Say!” Snap game, c.1920.

One Penny Games 1920

One Penny Games

One Penny Card Games, 1920s.

One Penny Games 2 1910

One Penny Games 2

One Penny Card Games, 1900-1910, mostly anonymous 'Snap' games and made in Germany.