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Branle playing cards 2015

Branle playing cards

‘Branle’ playing cards inspired by a 12th-century dance, produced by Noir Arts, USA, 2015.

Cats and Dogs Royale Playing Cards 2015

Cats and Dogs Royale Playing Cards

Two collectable sets of cards featuring Cats and Dogs as Royalty through the ages.

Celtic Myth Playing Cards 2015

Celtic Myth Playing Cards

Celtic Myth playing cards are the third and final set of cards in a series based around the themes of Celtic mythology and society.

Chernobyl Memorial Playing Cards 2016

Chernobyl Memorial Playing Cards

Chernobyl Memorial Playing Cards designed by Misery Development Ltd. / Nicolai Aaroe and printed in Ukraine by Noir Arts Playing Cards.

Civil Unrest Playing Cards 2014

Civil Unrest Playing Cards

A deck of cards inspired by the American Civil War, featuring leaders, army generals, President Abraham Lincoln and other characters from this historical period.

Commoners playing cards 2020

Commoners playing cards

Created by Ian Cumpstey dedicated to the common land and the countryside.

Creative Clash Card Game 2014

Creative Clash Card Game

The Creative Clash card game, by the Infantree, is a fast-paced card game where you become the Principal of a creative agency and battle with your friends for the biggest Ego around.

Cryptic Cards 2017

Cryptic Cards

Cryptic cards created by Immy Smith, United Kingdom, 2017

Cultura 2015


A full custom deck of playing cards, inspired by the different cultures of the world; including China, Italy, USA and the Netherlands.

Cyberpunk Playing Cards by Elephant 2019

Cyberpunk Playing Cards by Elephant

Cyberpunk playing cards, combining themes of lowlife and high tech. Created by Ben Jones, produced by Elephant Playing Cards, 2019.

Decked Out 2014

Decked Out

Connie Lim has created a beautifully illustrated set of fashion inspired playing cards, a tangible telling of her story, intimately realized in the palm of your hand.

Demograffik Playing Cards 2013

Demograffik Playing Cards

Paul Janzen and Troy Sullivan also know as Hurlyburly Games have created a unique pack to showcase the multicultural flavour of the world through playing cards.

Demon Deck 2014

Demon Deck

54 amazing hand drawn cards which shows the demons from Underworld.

Different Playing Cards by Teach By Magic 2014

Different Playing Cards by Teach By Magic

Instead of the usual ace of spades, or a seven of diamonds, this pack has a "spade of aces" and a "diamond of sevens"; meaning that the spade is made up of aces using a typographic and illustrative style.

Dragons Playing Cards by Robert Burke 2016

Dragons Playing Cards by Robert Burke

A gorgeous deck of cards featuring the dragon art of Kerem Beyit and printed by the United States Playing Card Company.

Earth Dragons and Other Rare Creatures 2015

Earth Dragons and Other Rare Creatures

Jessica Feinberg, mostly known for her unique mythic paintings of nature, dragons, is a creator the Earth D​ragons and Other Rare Creatures playing cards.

EclecDeck 2013


EclecDeck transformation playing cards created by Dave Ufford, 2013.

Eclipse Comic playing cards (reproduction) 2020

Eclipse Comic playing cards (reproduction)

Eclipse Comic playing cards is a reproduction of the first transformation pack printed in the USA in 1876 by F.H. Lowerre.

Edgar Allan Poe Playing Cards 2014

Edgar Allan Poe Playing Cards

A Kickstarter campaign for a fine deck of playing cards inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe

Elevenses 2014


Elevenses is a card game in which respectable 1920s socialites strive to serve the finest morning teas!