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A miniature theatrical pack of playing cards, Germany? c.1900 1900

A miniature theatrical pack of playing cards, Germany? c.1900

This miniature pack is very similar to one made by C.L.Wúst in c.1890.

Anonymous Novelty Cards

Anonymous Novelty Cards

Miniature novelty playing cards from the late 1940s or early 1950s with a charm of their own. Probably published as small prizes at fairground or seaside amusement arcades.

Baraja Hoja de Afeitar 1938

Baraja Hoja de Afeitar

La Baraja 'Hoja de Afeitar'. Baraja de Hojas Maravilla descalificadas como de primerísima categoría.

Barribal patience 1929

Barribal patience

Waddington’s Patience Cards from the Barribal Series, c.1929.

Billiken Minicartas 1964

Billiken Minicartas

Children’s toy cards published in Argentina by Editorial Atlántida in the magazine “Billiken”, 1964.

Birkel Schwarzer Peter 1950

Birkel Schwarzer Peter

The Birkel company has produced several promotional “Schwarzer Peter” packs over the years and this one is themed on the circus.

Bone Playing Cards

Bone Playing Cards

My late mother found these miniature cards in a skip around 50 years ago.

British American Tobacco patience

British American Tobacco patience

Patience deck for British American Tobacco printed by Speelkaartenfabriek Nederland c.1940

Bucktrout & Co. Ltd 1930

Bucktrout & Co. Ltd

Half-sized cigarette playing cards published by Bucktrout & Co., Ltd (Guernsey) c.1930.

Carte per Signora 1897

Carte per Signora

“Carte per Signora” patience pack was produced by Fratelli Armanino, Genova, in c.1897.

Cartes enfantines 1770

Cartes enfantines

Miniature 18th century Paris pattern cards for children, with decorated aces and 2s.

Cartes Turques Patience 1991

Cartes Turques Patience

Derived from “Cartes Turques” first made by Glanz, then later by van Genechten, Brepols & Piatnik. 3 double-ended dragon Aces and one Adam/Eve Ace with a coiled serpent.

Children’s miniature football player cards, Montevideo, c.1928 1928

Children’s miniature football player cards, Montevideo, c.1928

Miniature children’s playing cards with photographs of football players on the reverse.

Cigarette Cards and other ephemera

Cigarette Cards and other ephemera

Cigarette Cards, Trade Cards, Miniature Playing Cards and other ephemera.

Clifford Toys 1948

Clifford Toys

Clifford Toys is a brand name of F. Levy & Co., Ltd, London, sellers of toys and fancy goods.

Collecting Playing Cards

Collecting Playing Cards

How I began Collecting Playing Cards by Robert S. Lancaster.

Czech Patience Cards 1954

Czech Patience Cards

Patience size playing cards published by Obchodni Tiskarny of Prague, under the brand “Casino”, with cartoon courts in the style of wood engravings.

Einar Nerman Patience 1924

Einar Nerman Patience

Einar Nerman (1888–1983) was a talented Swedish artist born in Norrköping who designed playing cards during the 1920s.

F. X. Schmid Mini-Patience

F. X. Schmid Mini-Patience

Miniature Patience playing cards in Rococo style published by F. X. Schmid, c.1960

Fabrica de Cigarrillos Roldan y Cia, Lima, Peru 1890

Fabrica de Cigarrillos Roldan y Cia, Lima, Peru

The design of the figures is very agile with excellent colour harmony and execution.