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Political playing cards were introduced in the 17th century providing entertainment by satirising or deriding current events and leaders. Propaganda cards, Imperial decks, war cards and even educational card games all carry a message which relates to the politics of memory, the means by which events are remembered and recorded, the way history is written and passed on. Historical memory can be used to arouse emotional reactions...

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California Total Recall Playing Cards 2003

California Total Recall Playing Cards

California Total Recall Playing Cards / Hasta La Vista, Davis!, USA, 2003.

Carel de Wagenaer 1698

Carel de Wagenaer

Facsimile edition of cards first published by Carel de Wagenaer, Amsterdam in c.1698

Carte da gioco anticomuniste del Comitato civico 1951

Carte da gioco anticomuniste del Comitato civico

Anti-Communist propaganda pack with satirical designs by Benito Jacovitti.

Cartes Imperiales et Royales

Cartes Imperiales et Royales

‘Cartes Imperiales et Royales’ published by B. P. Grimaud & Cie representing imperial rulers and consorts from Austria, England, France & Russia, mid-19th century

CCCP playing cards 2000

CCCP playing cards

Soviet and other Communist celebrities depicted on every card, designed by Vladislav Pankevitch.

Centenario Nascita Benito Mussolini 1983

Centenario Nascita Benito Mussolini

Playing cards to commemorate the centenary of Benito Mussolini's birth, Italy, c.1983.

Churchill in WW2

Churchill in WW2

Churchill ‘Walking with Destiny’ playing cards published by the Imperial War Museum.

Cinquantenario Fondazione dell'Impero 1986

Cinquantenario Fondazione dell'Impero

50 anniversario / cinquantenario fondazione dell'Impero, Italy 1936-1986.

Commedia dell’Carte 1977

Commedia dell’Carte

Commedia dell’Carte political transformation cards illustrated by Stef van Stiphout, Belgium, 1977.

Deakin’s 1st edition 1886

Deakin’s 1st edition

Deakin & Co., 45 Eastcheap, London EC published a political pack in 1886 with caricatures of political figures relating to the Irish Home Rule movement which was a contentious issue of the day.

Deakin’s 3rd edition 1888

Deakin’s 3rd edition

Deakin’s Political Playing Cards 3rd edition, c.1888.

Deck of Reagan 2004

Deck of Reagan

“The Deck of Reagan” political playing cards produced by NewsMax Media Inc. in 2004.

Die Neue ÖVP 1996

Die Neue ÖVP

Promotional deck for the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) printed by Piatnik, 1996.

EPCS August 1993 Newsletter

EPCS August 1993 Newsletter Members Only

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EPCS February 1993 Newsletter

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EPCS May 1989 Newsletter

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EPCS May 1993 Newsletter

EPCS May 1993 Newsletter Members Only

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