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Pop Culture in Playing Cards

Popular Culture in Playing Cards

As the ‘culture of the people’, contemporary popular culture is a product of economically more developed countries and arises from a combination of advances in technology and increased leisure time. Popular culture is also informed by the mass media. Iconic brands aim to be sold to large numbers of people as a commodity. Certain currents of pop culture may originate from or diverge into a subculture. Many new cardistry and Kickstarter decks fall into this category.

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Adventure Time

Adventure Time

‘Adventure Time’ cult sci-fi playing cards published by Forbidden Planet.

Alien Arcana Tarot 2022

Alien Arcana Tarot

A series of three tarot decks inspired by the Alien film franchise, created by Roy Huteson Stewart.

Avengers Playing Cards by Theory11 2021

Avengers Playing Cards by Theory11

Marvel’s Avengers: The Infinity Saga Premium Playing Cards produced by Theory11 and designed by Mattson Creative, 2021.

Back to the 80s Lenormand 2022

Back to the 80s Lenormand

History meets pop culture in a 36-card set that pays tribute to Lenormand's legacy and the colourful world of 1980s Japanese-style comics.

Bandana 2002


Bandana Argentine pop girl group playing cards 2002.

Beano Playing Cards

Beano Playing Cards

Beano Playing Cards published by Wild & Wolf, 2009.

Bicycle Cybertech 2019

Bicycle Cybertech

Bicycle Cybertech playing cards inspired by cyberpunk genre, illustrated by Jamie Meza, 2019.

Bicycle EveRydAy zomBIES 2013

Bicycle EveRydAy zomBIES

Bicycle “EveRydAy zomBIES” playing cards with artwork by Rob Sacchetto, USA, 2013.

Branded Tarot Decks and Modern Mystic Lifestyle

Branded Tarot Decks and Modern Mystic Lifestyle

Taking a closer look at the rise of media tie-in branded tarot deck and esoteric lifestyle of younger generations.

Breaking Bad Playing Cards 2014

Breaking Bad Playing Cards

“Breaking Bad” fan deck designed by Albino Dragon and manufactured by the USPCC in 2014.

Breaking Bad Playing Cards

Breaking Bad Playing Cards

A set of cards inspired by the hit TV show Breaking Bad, created by Jeff Nichol.

Britney Spears Oracle 2022

Britney Spears Oracle

Britney Spears Oracle: A Deck and Guidebook to Be Stronger Than Yesterday — a card set for Britney fans and collectors.

Calavera Playing Cards 2015

Calavera Playing Cards

Calavera playing cards designed by Jirs Huygen for Cartamundi, 2015

Classic Movie Posters 2008

Classic Movie Posters

A deck of 55 cards presenting vintage classic movies and their stars.

Crikey! 2013


Crikey! Classic British Comics playing cards published by Bird Playing Cards, 2013.

Cult Movie Cards

Cult Movie Cards

Paul Willoughby has cleverly captured the quintessence from 54 classic cult movies into a pack of playing cards. How many can you identify?

Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Cards 2021

Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Cards

Polish cartoonist Jakub Rebelka created this set of tarot cards for the Cyberpunk 2077 video game.

Cyberpunk Playing Cards by Elephant 2019

Cyberpunk Playing Cards by Elephant

Cyberpunk playing cards, combining themes of lowlife and high tech. Created by Ben Jones, produced by Elephant Playing Cards, 2019.

Dandy Rock’n Bubble 1987

Dandy Rock’n Bubble

56 rock and pop stars of the 1980s, issued in Denmark with bubble gum.

DC Comics Originals 2014

DC Comics Originals

Waddingtons ‘DC Comics Originals’ deck from 2014 featuring ‘Batman’,‘Wonder Woman’, ‘Justice League’ and ‘Superman’