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Alternative Happy Families 1985

Alternative Happy Families

An updated, 1980s-style “Alternative Happy Families” game.

And Marriage For All 2004

And Marriage For All

“And Marriage For All” playing cards promoting equal marriage rights for same-sex couples.

Card Tricks 1981

Card Tricks

Stereotypical representations of gay men and men they most admire, in a 1981 pack from San Francisco.

Frauejass 1998


‘Frauejass / le Jass au féminin’ designed by Susan Csomor, Switzerland, c. 1998.

Les Cartes pour l'Égalité 2010

Les Cartes pour l'Égalité

Playing cards for gender equality, created on the 500th anniversary of classic French cards



Elongated cards from France with a fourth court card, a Miss.

Ms. playing cards 1975

Ms. playing cards

‘Ms. playing cards’ promoting votes for women, USA, 1975.

Old Bachelor™ 1994

Old Bachelor™

The 90’s version of Old Maid with illustrations by Susan Wise.

Queen High Equality Deck 1971

Queen High Equality Deck

A women’s liberation deck described as “A New Deck For A New Deal”.

Unisex playing cards 1982

Unisex playing cards

Unisex playing cards produced by the Unisex Playing Card Company, Ontario, c.1982.