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16th century cards discovered in Peru

Fragments of playing cards and 2 dice were unearthed in a 16th century rubbish tip adjacent to a Spanish house in the lower Rimac Valley in Peru, providing evidence of games played by early Spanish settlers.

16th century cards discovered in Peru

A Moorish Sheet of Playing Cards

This article was originally published in “The Playing-Card”, the Journal of the International Playing-Card Society (London), Volume XV, No.4, May 1987.

A Moorish Sheet of Playing Cards 1987

A Todos Alumbra

40-card "A Todos Alumbra - Naypes Refinos" pack manufactured by Léonard Biermans, Turnhout, c.1880.

A Todos Alumbra 1880

A. Camoin & Cie, Casablanca & Marseille

Spanish national pattern by A. Camoin & Cie, Casablanca & Marseille

A. Camoin & Cie, Casablanca & Marseille

Agostino Bergallo

Agostino Bergallo Spanish pattern made for South American countries

Agostino Bergallo


Spanish suited playing cards produced by B. P. Grimaud (Paris) for Algeria, around 1910.

Algeria 1910

Alphonse Arnoult Spanish-suited pack

Luxurious Spanish-suited pack made by Alphonse Arnoult, Paris, France, c.1850.

Alphonse Arnoult Spanish-suited pack 1850

Anon Spanish Cards c.1875

Spanish-suited playing cards made in Belgium by Léonard Biermans, c.1875.

Anon Spanish Cards c.1875 1875


Anonymous Moroccan Playing Cards for Royal Air Maroc airlines and others...


Baraja Canaria

‘La Auténtica Baraja Canaria’ was published in 1995 by Justo Pérez as an expression of the history and character of the Canary Islands.

Baraja Canaria 1995

Baraja de Amor

Hijos de José Garcia Taboadela was a book-seller who also published this charming pack of lovers' fortune telling cards in 1871.

Baraja de Amor 1871

Baraja Digital

Baraja Digital by Naipes De La Cigüeña, 1990.

Baraja Digital 1990

Baraja Edad Media

Baraja Edad Media, fantasy Spanish-suited medieval playing cards published Mas-Reynals, Barcelona, 1993. Designed by M. Malé and illustrated by V. Maza.

Baraja Edad Media 1993

Baraja Morisca

Primitive Latin suited pack, possibly of Swiss or German origin for export to Spain, dated by paper analysis as early XV century, which makes this one of the earliest known surviving packs of playing cards.

Baraja Morisca 1425

Benoist Laius

Spanish playing cards such as these were used in those parts of France where certain games were enjoyed, such as Aluette.

Benoist Laius 1710

Cádiz Pattern playing cards

Cádiz Pattern playing cards

Cádiz Pattern playing cards

Canary Islands Souvenir

Canary Islands Souvenir by Heraclio Fournier, c.1970.

Canary Islands Souvenir 1970

Cartes Catalanes

Cartes Catalanes are used in a small area in the Eastern Pyrenées region of Southern France.

Cartes Catalanes

Chaudsoleil Wine

Chaudsoleil Red Wine advertising playing cards from Morocco.

Chaudsoleil Wine

Conrad Punta del Este Resort & Casino

Naipes Conrad Punta del Este Casino playing cards produced specially for Conrad Punta del Este Resort & Casino. .

Conrad Punta del Este Resort & Casino

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