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Peruvian Football playing cards

Football playing cards made in Peru.

Peruvian Football playing cards

Pocket Size Bowling

Pocket Size Bowling card game by Warren Paper Products, c.1960s.

Pocket Size Bowling 1960


Race-Cardo published by C.W. Faulkner & Co Ltd, c.1925.

Race-Cardo 1925


Rally card game by Pepys, 1955.

Rally 1955

River Plate Para Siempre

“River Plate Para Siempre” football club cartoon playing cards, c.2004.

River Plate Para Siempre 2004

Rivers Edge Products

Rivers Edge Products for the outdoor enthusiast include magnificent artwork on playing cards.

Rivers Edge Products

Roberts Brothers Ltd, Gloucester

Roberts Brothers Ltd, Gloucester (Glevum Brand) ‘Old Maid’ card game, 1920s.

Roberts Brothers Ltd, Gloucester 1920

Selección Nacional de Fútbol

‘Selección Nacional de Fútbol’ playing cards published in Mexico by Novelty Corp de México S.A. de C.V., 2002.

Selección Nacional de Fútbol 2002


Skid-o motorcycle card game by Pepys, 1951.

Skid-o 1951

Spielkarte für Schützen

“Spielkarte für Schützen” deck designed by Karl Heinz Lanz, published by Rudolf Bechtold and Co., c.1966

Spielkarte für Schützen 1966

Stap Op

Stap Op by Penco for Victory Spelen 1945. A clone of Parker’s Touring except the Dutch have to do it all on a bicycle.

Stap Op

Team GB

Great Britains’s Olympic gold medallists from 1964 to 2004 published by the British Olympic Association.

Team GB 2005

Tennis de Table 52e Championnats de France

Table tennis players in action published by La Ducale, an imprint of Grimaud, France, 1979.

Tennis de Table 52e Championnats de France 1979

The ‘Rinker’ Snap

The ‘Rinker’ highly amusing snap game, c.1910.

The ‘Rinker’ Snap

They’re Off

“They’re Off” horse racing card game by Pepys, c.1940.

They’re Off 1940

Tops and Tails

‘Sports Tops and Tails’ No.290 manufactured by Ferd Piatnik & Sons, Vienna, c.1950s.

Tops and Tails 1955


Uback horse racing game patent specification, Chad Valley Co Ltd, 1922.

Uback 1922

Volleyball European Championship ’83

Volleyball European Championship Rummy, 1983, designed by Klaus Hennig.

Volleyball European Championship ’83 1983

Waddington’s Sporting Birds Series 1933

Waddington’s Sporting Birds Series 1933.

Waddington’s Sporting Birds Series 1933 1933

Waddington’s Sporting Series

Waddington’s Sporting Series, 1933.

Waddington’s Sporting Series 1933

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