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Amos del Universo 1980

Amos del Universo

“Amos del Universo” card game published by Litografía Goicochea Hnos, S.A., Lima, Peru, c.1980.

Avengers Playing Cards by Theory11 2021

Avengers Playing Cards by Theory11

Marvel’s Avengers: The Infinity Saga Premium Playing Cards produced by Theory11 and designed by Mattson Creative, 2021.

Batman® playing cards 1992

Batman® playing cards

Characters from Batman: The Animated Series on a pack issued in 1992.

DC Comics Originals 2014

DC Comics Originals

Waddingtons ‘DC Comics Originals’ deck from 2014 featuring ‘Batman’,‘Wonder Woman’, ‘Justice League’ and ‘Superman’

Diabolik Poker 1996

Diabolik Poker

Characters from the Italian comic series Diabolik, with designs by Paolo and Sergio Zaniboni.

Hulk playing cards 2003

Hulk playing cards

Issued to coincide with the release in 2003 of the American superhero film, The Hulk.

Jeu des 7 Familles Spider-Man 1996

Jeu des 7 Familles Spider-Man

Colourful card game featuring the Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man and some of his fearsome adversaries.

Lego Batman Movie 2017

Lego Batman Movie

Lego Batman Movie playing cards, 2017

Newtropolis and the Fantastic Fur 2015

Newtropolis and the Fantastic Fur

Newtropolis and the Fantastic Fur: Heroes vs. Villains playing cards illustrated by Peter Wood, 2015.

Superman 2005


Superman World Hero™ playing cards made in Belgium by Carta Mundi

Umbrella Academy playing cards 2019

Umbrella Academy playing cards

Umbrella Academy playing cards created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, USA, 2019.

X-Men Playing Cards 1993

X-Men Playing Cards

A Nostalgic Dive into the Marvellous World of X-Men