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Trades & Professions

Trades & Professions

Trades, crafts and professions are broad categories of occupations that require specialized knowledge, skills, and/or training.

In some decks of playing cards the standard court card hierarchy of Jack, Queen, King is replaced with different craft or trades people or professionals and also their equipment and tools. Similarly many card games are based around different families of trades people, as in ‘Happy Families’ who may be families of bakers, cobblers or doctors, and so on.

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Bau-Skat playing cards 2005

Bau-Skat playing cards

Comic illustrations of people working in the building trade.

Bicycle Blue Collar / White Collar playing cards 2014

Bicycle Blue Collar / White Collar playing cards

Bicycle Blue Collar / White Collar playing cards, USA, 2014.

Cotswold Happy Families 1997

Cotswold Happy Families

“Cotswold Happy Families” created by Mary Gardiner and illustrated by Chris Rhodes, printed by Willow Press, 1997.

Country Craftsmen 1978

Country Craftsmen

“Country Craftsmen” Happy Families with illustrations by Mandy Hall, published for the National Trust by Dinosaur Publications Ltd, 1978.

Highwayman 1950


The game of “Highwayman” published by Chad Valley Company in c.1950 simulates travelling on old Coach Routes and being held up by highwaymen.

Hilti I 1985

Hilti I

Promotional pack for Hilti power tools, with courts in medieval costume and non-standard pips.

Jack of all Trades 1935

Jack of all Trades

Jack of all Trades card game.

Kay Snap

Kay Snap

Kay Snap Children's Card Game, made in England, 1930s.

Le Burling 1962

Le Burling

1960s pack from Annecy with non-standard suits all connected with the office.

Les métiers et leurs protecteurs 1995

Les métiers et leurs protecteurs

“Les métiers et leurs protecteurs” playing cards published by Editions Dusserre, c. 1995.

Les plaques émaillées d’Antoine Vollon 2013

Les plaques émaillées d’Antoine Vollon

54 different enamel plaques depicting silk manufacture, by the Lyon artist Antoine Vollon.

Maisons-Alfort à la “Belle Epoque” 1988

Maisons-Alfort à la “Belle Epoque”

Celebrating 1,000 years of the town of Maisons-Alfort (988-1988) with designs by Henri Simoni.

Martinique 2000


Original designs from the French overseas department of Martinique by local artist Martine Porry.

Merry Families 1896

Merry Families

Merry Families published by Multum in Parvo Co., Ltd, from 1896

Old Bachelor™ 1994

Old Bachelor™

The 90’s version of Old Maid with illustrations by Susan Wise.



Snap by Multum in Parvo Co. Ltd. illustrating common occupations of the day, late 19th century.

Trades People Happy Families 1925

Trades People Happy Families

Happy Families card game depicting trades people from 1920s.