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Heraclio Fournier

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Founded in 1868, today it is part of Cartamundi.

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Fernando Pessoa & Co playing cards

Fernando Pessoa & Co playing cards - Lisbon

Fernando Pessoa & Co playing cards

Fournier Hnos Burgos

In 1860 the Fournier Brothers of Burgos (Spain) commenced producing playing cards. They produced high quality playing cards bearing a portrait of King Charles IV on the ace of coins.

Fournier Hnos Burgos 1860

Fournier No.35 Spanish-suited playing cards

Fournier No.35 Spanish-suited playing cards imported into Argentina by Fagoaga y Compañía (Bertrand Domec), c.1970.

Fournier No.35 Spanish-suited playing cards 1970

Fournier’s Castilian pattern

Designed by Emilio Soubrier, Ignacio Díaz and Augusto Rius during the 1880s as a new definitive national pattern.

Fournier’s Castilian pattern 1880

Habemus Boda, 2004

“Habemus Boda” deck celebrating the royal wedding of Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia of Spain with cartoons by Sir Cámara

Habemus Boda, 2004 2004

Heraclio Fournier S.A.

Founded in 1868, today it is part of Cartamundi.

Heraclio Fournier S.A.


Hercules card game published by Herclio Fournier, 1997.

Hercules 1997

Ibero-American Deck, 1929

Ibero-American Deck, designed by L. Palao, 1929.

Ibero-American Deck, 1929 1929

Inspector Gadget

The Adventures of Inspector Gadget quartet game published by Fournier in 1983.

Inspector Gadget 1983


Deck designed by J. L. Picardo for Loewe, 1959.

Loewe 1959

Monumentos de España

"Monumentos de España" souvenir playing cards manufactured by Heraclio Fournier, S.A., Vitoria (Spain), c.1955.

Monumentos de España 1955

Naipes El Heraldo, Cádiz

“El Heraldo” brand by Segundo de Olea Aguilera, c.1925.

Naipes El Heraldo, Cádiz 1925

Parejas del Mundo

“Parejas del Mundo” matching pairs card game by Naipes H. Fournier, 1972.

Parejas del Mundo 1972

Pato Donald

Donald Duck card game © Walt Disney Productions, by Naipes Fournier, 1984.

Pato Donald 1984


Spanish-suited advertising deck for Philishave electric razors.

Philishave 1978

Poker N°40

Hijos de Heraclio Fournier’s “Poker N°40” c.1940.

Poker N°40 1940

Poker Nº 505

Heraclio Fournier ‘Poker Nº 505’ for export to Argentina with elaborate peacock joker, c.1960.

Poker Nº 505 1960


Pulgarcito (Tom Thumb) card game published by H Fournier, 1981.

Pulgarcito 1981

Quinto Centenario del Descubrimiento de América

Fifth Centenary of the Discovery of America by Heraclio Fournier, 1992.

Quinto Centenario del Descubrimiento de América 1992

Spanish Playing Cards

Spain has played a pivotal role in the history of playing cards in Europe and Latin America.

Spanish Playing Cards

Standard Swedish Pattern

Standard Swedish type playing cards manufactured by J.O. Öberg & Son, Eskilstuna, 1929.

Standard Swedish Pattern 1929

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair No.41 Playing Cards by the United States Playing Card Co, 1895. All the number cards have been imaginatively transformed.

Vanity Fair 1895

Venezuela Baraja Turística

Venezuela Souvenir deck by Heraclio Fournier, c.1980s.

Venezuela Baraja Turística 1980