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Published July 03, 1996 Updated January 08, 2010

I.P.C.S. Convention, London, September 2003


I.P.C.S. Convention, London, September 2003

I.P.C.S. Convention, London, 19-20th September 2003

Above: Convention Venue, The Grange White Hotel, London, 19th-20th September 2003
Below: follow the links to view a selection of photographs of the Convention.

Visit to Guildhall Library:

Introductory Talk by John Berry

Convention Talks:

Sylvia Mann lecture: Claudio Décourt
Gejus van Diggele
John Berry

Visit to British Museum

In the Garden:

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Convention Dinner at the Holborn Hotel


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Curator and editor of the World of Playing Cards since 1996. He is a former committee member of the IPCS and was graphics editor of The Playing-Card journal for many years. He has lived at various times in Chile, England and Wales and is currently living in Extremadura, Spain. Simon's first limited edition pack of playing cards was a replica of a seventeenth century traditional English pack, which he produced from woodblocks and stencils.

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