Brescia pattern

The Brescia pattern contains elements which come from a past age. Some features are the Cupid on the Ace of Cups, the linked 2 of coins, the old-fashioned batons forming a trellis and the curved swords. There is a small dog jumping up the Page of Cups’ leg. It is not clear whether the Page of Swords is holding two swords, or a scabbard. (The back design is shown to the right).

Brescian pattern by Edoardo Pignalosa, 1952 Brescian pattern by Edoardo Pignalosa, 1952

Above: Brescian pattern by Edoardo Pignalosa, 100 Lire tax stamp on the ace of coins, 1952.

Bresciane pattern

Above: from an uncut sheet printed by Edoardo Pignalosa of Naples, c.1940.

Bresciane pattern by Modiano, 1984

Above: Bresciane pattern by Modiano, 1984. Images courtesy Rex Pitts

Bresciane pattern by Dal Negro, c.1960

Above: Bresciane pattern by Teodomiro Dal Negro, c.1960. Images courtesy Rex Pitts

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