Trentine Pattern

The Trentine, or Trento pattern, along with the Brescia and Bergamo patterns, are all modelled on a common Italian-suited ancestor. Packs have 52 or 40 cards, single-figure courts, narrow elongated cards. Characteristic features include a female portrait on the ace of coins; cupid with bow and arrow on ace of cups; a dog leaping besides the jack of cups; the jacks of both batons + swords hold weapons in both hands.

Trentine pattern by Modiano, 1970s

Above: Trentine pattern by Modiano, 1970s. Images courtesy Rex Pitts.

Comparison: old and new

Trentine pattern

Above: top row shows 18th century cards from Trentine pattern; bottom row same cards from a Trentine deck by Dal Negro, 1970s. See Boxes

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