Hidden Mickeys

“HiddenMickeys” by Peter Wood

“HiddenMickeys” is a Pictorial deck, or a Pictorial Transformation pack with the Mickeys transformed…

Hidden Mickeys…
four cards from the uncoloured edition A Joker from the hand-coloured edition
The Four of Hearts from the hand-coloured edition

“HiddenMickeys” reveals yet another facet of Pete's many-sided creative ability. In this pack, Pete has cleverly pushed the parameters of conventional playing card design towards the unorthodox whilst achieving a high degree of originality, warmth, artistic taste and spontaneity throughout the pack. Numerous Mickey Mouse silhouettes are ingeniously disguised into the designs of the pips and illustrations, creating a curious collection of images, which in themselves are full of humour and variety. The cards can be had directly from Peter Wood either as uncoloured cards, or else as hand coloured packs made to order (see two right-hand images above).

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