About Witta Jensen

WITTA JENSEN… on the cards

aka G.M.W.K.S.J

Georgine Margareta Witta Kiessling Smith Jensen

Born in Berlin, childhood in East Germany, adult life in GB, USA, now DK (Denmark). Artistic initiation in The Royal Porcelain Factory, Copenhagen. Author/designer of the "Diary of a Danish Housewife" with over 5000 small drawings. Maker of postcards, tarot, playing & fortune-telling cards; lately also of ATC's (Artists Trading Cards).

Right: Self-portrait: half me, half picasso (ATC).

Left: Skat by Me and My Friends. This limited edition playing card deck from 1990 was a co-operative project consisting of 32 cards made by various artists from different countries. The deck was entirely hand made and coloured.

Left: Skat Erotique 1987. A limited edition of 100 packs, commercially printed in b&W and hand coloured afterwards.

Left: Waite Variations I. This was the first in a series of variations on the Waite/Smith tarot deck (1989). The deck is entirely handmade in a limited, signed and numbered edition of 133.

Right: Waite Variations II (1990) are three entirely different major arcana sets based upon the Waite/Smith tarot, in limited editions of 30 decks, entirely hand made. "Waite Variations II-1: a la Pringle" has gold edges and the "Pringle-like" drawings are hand colored. The back is hand painted silk. 26 cards. "Waite Variations II-2: Metallic Blue on Red" is printed in black on a red background and a blue-metallic tone is added to the line art. 26 cards. "Waite Variations II-3: My Favourite" is hand drawn designs hand coloured in light watercolours. 22 cards.

Left: Waite Variations no. III: TransWaite. A translucent pack based upon the Pamela Colman Smith tarot designs. Limited and numbered edition of 30 packs (1990). 26+2 cards in a hand painted box. Gold edges frame the images. Hidden erotic images can be seen when each card is held up to the light.

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