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The links listed below offer a sampling of a wide range of creativity, design skill and general knowledge about playing cards and their design. New links are being added continually, several are now under construction.

AUS=Australia C=Canada CK=Cook Islands DK=Denmark FI=Finland UK=England E=Spain H=Hungary IRE=Ireland URU=Uruguay

sketch by Leonor Finisketch by Leonor Fini

Emily Arkin (USA)

David James Binns (UK)

Bonnie Blue (USA)

Laurence Cherniak (C)

Anabella Corsi (URU)

Ben Crenshaw (USA)

Carmen G Carballeira (IRE)

Karen Curran (AUS)

Thomas Damkier (DK)

Heraclio Díaz (E)

Shelley Fowles (UK)

Karl Gerich (UK)

Joan Gragg (CK)

Shon Gwynn (USA)

Georgina Harvey (UK)

Reeta Hiltunen (FI)

K. Frank Jensen (DK)

Witta Jensen (DK)

Idelle Jones (USA)

Catherine Kelly (IRE)

Caroline Kent (UK)

Dianne Longley (AUS)

Alison McDonald (AUS)

Frank Mulligan (USA)

John Newman (UK)

Balázs Pál Nagy (H)

Rex Pitts (UK)

Rita RA (PT)

Simon Wintle (UK)

Peter Wood (UK)

Artwork by Peter Wood hand-made playing card by Heather Rocchi

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The 19th century was a period of innovation and trial and error for printers and industrial designers: changing technologies opened new possibilities; many beautiful designs began to emerge from house artists such as Owen Jones (De la Rue), Harrison Weir (Willis & Co.), Aymer Vallance (James English & Co./Peerless Card Company) and George Cruikshank, Richard Doyle and George Clulow (Charles Goodall). Moving into the 20th century, the artist William Barribal was contracted to work for Waddington's. Other playing card designers and artists include F. C. Tilney, Jean Picart Le Doux, Lucy Dawson, Harry Rountree, Paul Brown, G.D. Armour, Siriol Clarry, Sonia Delaunay, Gertrude Kümpel and Melchior Annen.   See also: Art in Playing Cards.   If you would like to participate in this Gallery, please notify the Webmaster.

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