El Ciervo, c.1930

COMAS “El Ciervo” Spanish Catalan playing cards

This particular design was produced by Sebastian Comas y Ricart of Barcelona and their successors, and then by Hija de A. Comas (Josefa Comas, Sucesora) for use at home as well as export to various South American countries, including Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil. The designs were adopted in Argentina by Cia Fabril Financiera as their house-style and are still used today by Joker S.A.. The four of cups shows a deer which gives the pack its name. The ace of coins shows a decorated base or plinth supporting various trophies evoking maritime trade and prosperity: an anchor, a caduceus, a cornucopia, a barrel, a large medallion or shield displaying a crowned head, and various flags all topped by a crown. The four of coins depicts a shield and a quiver full of arrows adorned with ribbons and vines. The kings wear moustaches. These same designs can be seen in Uruguayan children’s playing cards from c.1930 and in Naipes ‘Jaque’ by Casabo S.A.

Sebastian Comas y Ricart - Hija de A. Comas “El Ciervo” Spanish Catalan pattern, c.1930

Above: Sebastian Comas y Ricart - Hija de A. Comas “El Ciervo” Spanish Catalan pattern, c.1930. The five of swords is missing from this particular example, but would probably have had the legend “Hija de A Comas - J. Comas - Barcelona - No.5B”.  See an earlier example here


Tena Fuentes, Salvador: Testimoni Històric de Naipes Comas, N.E.G.S.A, 1994

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