Swiss French Suited Playing Cards, c.1840

Swiss French Suited Playing Cards, c.1840

French-suited playing-cards appeared in Switzerland around the end of the sixteenth century, when many Lyonnais cardmakers were driven away by heavy taxes. The example shown here, printed from woodblocks and hand-coloured with stencils, was manufactured by J. Müller, Diessenhofen, c.1840. For some time, the cantons of Switzerland had their own tax regulations, including tax stamps for playing-cards. The example shown here is a tax stamp from the Canton of St Gallen.

Swiss French Suited Playing Cards by J. Müller, Diessenhofen, c.1840 St Gallen Tax Stamp

Left: enlargement of tax stamp on the ace of diamonds. For further details about Swiss tax stamps, see the website of Peter Endebrock.

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