James English & Co.

James English’s first advertisement in 1865 lists five varieties of playing cards: Highlanders No.1 & No.2, Harrys, Moguls with Floral & Gold backs. Gradually this range was expanded as new designs were added each season, in particular floral and ornamental back designs, some of which were designed by Mr Aymer Vallance. For a more detailed account of the company history see: Ken Lodge's Blog

cards published by James English, c.1870

Above: cards published by James English, c.1870.

ace of spades

Above: playing cards manufactured by James English & Co (London) in c.1875. The cards have square corners and no indices, but double-ended courts were established by this time. Click here for free fortune-telling using these cards.

Above: four decorative back designs published by James English.

James English & Co was also using the name Peerless Card Company from around 1880.

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