Self-Guided Tarot

Self-Guided Tarot by Cameo Victor

The Tarot is a symbol system designed to activate your imagination…

“Self-Guided Tarot” by Cameo Victor, published by Cameo Productions, 1999 “Self-Guided Tarot” by Cameo Victor, published by Cameo Productions, 1999

Above: cards from “Self-Guided Tarot” by Cameo Victor, published by Cameo Productions, 1999

The 78 original collages are made from contemporary graphic images out of U.S. magazines, etc., so they have a modern look. This places the images in the present times instead of using the old Renaissance images that are difficult to relate to. The really good thing is that you can be your own ‘reader’ rather than someone else putting ideas into your head! When you identify or project onto a certain image, and relate it to your everyday life, all sorts of new insights can be uncovered and dealt with in a conscious way. This deck appeals to art therapists, Jungian analysts, Goddess followers, children and mystics…

"Human beings have always yearned to understand the experience of life. The knowledge that we seek is not really hidden… we each have to find it within ourselves. The images of the tarot are like the familiar characters of our myths, dreams and fairy tales, such as a great mother, a divine creator, a hero, a bad guy, and so forth. These archetypes inhabit our dreams and can be triggered into conscious memory by an external stimulus, such as tarot imagery. Contemporary advertisements are full of evocative images intended to influence us in similar ways to the old tarot images."

"I used graphic images from magazines and catalogs to re-state the ideas with modern pictures. The first of my tarot collages came about when I was invited to address a 1983 Tarot Symposium in San Francisco. The theme was 'The Star', which inspired me to make the star collage. Since that time I have gone on to make large (22" x 28") collages of all the other cards. There are many layers of innuendo woven into each collage. The intention is to de-mystify the tarot and make it available to more people as a self-help guide to the state of happiness." Extracts from the book by Cameo Victor.

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