Inky-Dinky Playing Cards

Inky-Dinky Playing Cards

A series of four decks designed by John Littleboy in the spirit of playful surprise and visual delight. The pip cards in each deck have been transformed from the standard positions into a sequence of images which tell a story.

Left: “Bag of Bones” Playing Cards, designed by John Littleboy, 2008, each card has a story to tell... among these elegantly twisted characters youÂ’ll find a sorcerer planting a dark garden which produces a sinister harvest, an unfortunate dinner guest who has to retrieve more than his hat and a most charming serpent.

John Littleboy studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and graduated from Stanford University. He lives in San Francisco.

John's Website.

Left: “Mermaid Queen” Playing Cards, 2008, from fierce sea-gods to enchanted mermaids, a visual story beautifully rendered to capture the allure of these mythical characters in a sequence of cards...

Left: “Kitten Club” Playing Cards, 2006. In this deck full of visual delight, an Empress guards her secrets, an Old King celebrates a birthday with a tuna fish cake and a cat-poet seeks the assistance of his muse...

Left: “Pack of Dogs” Playing Cards, designed by John Littleboy, 2006. Here are dogs as we imagine them to be: coy, heroic, aloof, comical and always lovable.

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