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Bicycle No.808

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The famous 'Bicycle' playing cards were first introduced by Russell & Morgan Printing Co in 1885. They were hugely successful and became the most well-known brand in the world.

Bicycle No.808 box, c.1927
Bicycle No.808 Seconds, c.1930

Above: deck of 'Bicycle No.808' playing cards with the Racer back design, c.1928, and with the last type of standard Bicycle Ace of Spades, which is still in use today, albeit with minor modifications. The ace of hearts in this example has the Argentinean importation tax stamp and the name of the importing agents Palmer & Cia overprinted.  see more

Bicycle No.808 Uncut Sheet, 1999

Above: detail from uncut sheet of 'Bicycle No.808' playing cards (printed in 1999), showing the familiar Ace of Spades and Joker which are still in use today and famous around the world.

The Bicycle Playing Cards official website contains a lot of interesting information, including company history and a downloadable catalogue. See also:   Bicycle SecondsCongress No.606Jumbo Bridge No.88U.S.A.

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