Waddington’s Encore Series

Waddington’s Encore Series 1933


Designs by Barribal and others

designed by Barribal designed by Barribal Bailarina Guitarrista, by Barribal
The Chinese Girl, designed by Barribal The Japanese Girl, designed by Barribal designed by Barribal designed by Barribal
'ARRY (The Coster King) by Barribal 'ARRIET (The Coster Queen) by Barribal Dutch Boy Dutch Girl

Several of the above designs were already featured in 1929 advertisements, e.g. Guitarrista, Bailarina.

Above: “Bailarina” back design by Barribal, gold edged cards. The front of the box has the words "MADE IN ENGLAND," "Playing Cards," and "HENRY BIRKS & SONS, LIMITED" all embossed in gold. The Canadian Excise duty stamp was used during the period 1915-1928. Image courtesy Joshua Fishbein.

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