Hewson Replica Pack

Traditional 17th Century English Playing Cards

Replica 17th century playing cards Hand-made by Simon Wintle

Hand-made replica 17th century English playing cards, based on original museum prints, available to order.

These replica cards have full-figure courts, square corners, and are made by hand on laminated cardboard to mimic the antique pre-industrial methods of production. The cards have a chunky feel and are suitable for play, re-enactment and for historical authenticity.

Based on the seventeenth century designs of Hewson, the cards exhibit that geometric construction which characterises the English pattern and which has survived to the contemporary double-ended cards used today. Packs contain 52 cards, with plain or coloured backs. The size of the cards is usually around 63 x 90 mms. These dimensions may vary by a few mms since packs are hand-made and each one is slightly different.

Replica 17th century playing cards Hand-made by Simon Wintle

Supplied to film studios, theatres, museums, re-enactment groups and individuals requiring to source an authentic period set of playing cards.

RECENT CUSTOMERS: Schtanhaus Theatre Company (RSC) • BrightStar Films (Elstree Studios) • Libertine Productions Ltd (Ealing Studios) • Fingersmith (Twickenham Film Studios) • "Spanish Humanism on the Verge of the Picaresque" University of Leuven Press • www.mydivination.com • Hampton Court Palace • The Undercroft of the Banqueting House • Weald & Downland Open Air Museum • Warrior Productions (Shepperton Studios) • Finlay Publisher • Outlander • Dragon International Film Studios • Tamworth Castle (Tamworth Borough Council) • The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust • Spink and Son Ltd

Playing card workshop in 1760

Above: the production of playing cards in 1760, from the Encyclopédie des Arts et Métiers of Duhamel de Monceau.

Replica 17th century playing cards Hand-made by Simon Wintle

Above: hand-made packs sealed in paper wrappers ready for delivery.

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