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Kem Plastic Playing Cards Inc

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Kem Plastic Playing Cards, Scranton, Pennsylvania

Kem washable plastic playing cards prove to be very durable and even early examples are usually in near perfect condition. Even though they are relatively more expensive than normal decks, their longer lifetime makes them less expensive on a per play basis. Kem playing cards are normally in the Anglo-American pattern and Jumbo index decks are also available; the aces and jokers present minor variations over the years, but the 'Spanish' version shown here is quite unusual. Kem was acquired by the United States Playing Card Company in 2004.

Kem Plastic Spanish Playing Cards

Above: Kem Plastic Spanish Playing Cards with 'Paisley' back design, 48 cards + 2 Jokers + service card + information leaflet in plastic box, inside cardboard sleeve, 1995. The cards and the box are made from thermo-plastic materials and are very durable. The non-traditional figures, which appear to depict Spanish 'conquistadors', have been designed using vector graphics computer software.

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