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BEB playing cards 1977

BEB playing cards

Multicoloured publicity pack for a gas production and transport company.

BMW Promo Top Trumps 2012

BMW Promo Top Trumps

BMW Promo Top Trumps produced as a promotion for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Buses playing cards

Buses playing cards

Playing cards for bus lovers produced by Collectable Cards Limited & Ian Allan Publishing Ltd.

Car Game 1960

Car Game

The Car Game with artwork by Barry Rowe, published by Pepys, c.1960.

Carte da Gioco Mongolfiere 2000

Carte da Gioco Mongolfiere

Various hot-air balloons on a pack from a small Florentine publisher.

Correspondances 1985


‘Correspondances’ depicting the 52 transfer stations of the Paris Métropolitain, France, 1985.

Cycle all over London 2003

Cycle all over London

Cycle all over London playing cards published by Transport for London Street Management, 2003.

ČZ playing cards 1965

ČZ playing cards

Advertising pack for the Czechoslovak motorcycle factory Česká Zbrojovka.

Deutsche Dampflokomotiven 1994

Deutsche Dampflokomotiven

German steam locomotives from the period 1892 to 1950.

Eastern Airlines and Ryder Trucks by Hoyle 1983

Eastern Airlines and Ryder Trucks by Hoyle

Dual advertising deck for Eastern Airlines and Ryder Trucks, produced by Hoyle, 1983.

EPCS August 1987 Newsletter

EPCS August 1987 Newsletter Members Only

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EPCS February 2023 Newsletter

EPCS February 2023 Newsletter Members Only

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EPCS February 2024 Newsletter

EPCS February 2024 Newsletter Members Only

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EPCS June 2003 Newsletter

EPCS June 2003 Newsletter Members Only

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EPCS June 2004 Newsletter

EPCS June 2004 Newsletter Members Only

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EPCS November 1989 Newsletter

EPCS November 1989 Newsletter Members Only

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Express 1st Edition 1947

Express 1st Edition

Pepys Express 1st edition, 1947 (before the nationalisation of the railways in 1948).

Express 2nd Edition 1955

Express 2nd Edition

Pepys “Express” card game 2nd edition c.1955.

Farmall playing cards 2015

Farmall playing cards

Farmall playing cards advertising International Harvester tractors, USA, c.2015.

Flight 1954


Flight card game published by Pepys, 1954.