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Simon Wintle's Shop

Welcome to my shop, an assortment of art prints for sale based on of my 1984 woodblock pack.

This selection of fine art prints captures Simon Wintle's meticulous journey in replicating 17th-century playing card designs using traditional woodblock and stencil techniques. Drawing from the rich but imperfect history of English playing cards—which notably formalized in design yet often suffered from inexpert craftsmanship—Wintle embarked on a self-described 'apprenticeship' in 1987. Employing lime wood blocks and custom-made tools, he took cues from Hewson's 17th-century designs, acknowledging the historical quirks and cost-effectiveness that led to the design idiosyncrasies of the era. Through this endeavour, he offers not just art but a practical investigation into the complex craft of historical playing card creation.

Handmade woodblock and stencil joker art print, by Simon Wintle, 1984.