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AI Tarot Reading

Discover the Future of Tarot Readings: AI-Powered Insights for Love, Career and Personal Development Take a few moments to reflect on what's been weighing on your mind lately. It could be a specific issue or a broader area of your life that you're seeking guidance on.

Once you've identified your most pressing issue or area of concern, try to articulate it as clearly and specifically as possible. This will help the AI tarot reader to provide more relevant and useful insights.

Consider framing your question in a way that encourages the tarot cards to provide insights that can help you take action or make decisions. For example, instead of asking "What's going to happen to me?" you could ask "What actions can I take to improve my situation?"

Keep an open mind and be willing to receive guidance that may be unexpected or challenging. The tarot is a tool for self-reflection and growth, and sometimes the insights it offers may not align with what we want to hear.

Finally, take the insights and guidance offered by the AI Tarot Reader as one input among many in your decision-making process. Ultimately, the choices you make are up to you, but the tarot can provide a valuable perspective and help you tap into your intuition and inner wisdom.

Your virtual card will be drawn when you submit your query.

Draw a tarot card at home using your own deck and select it from the drop-down.

Tarot card back Tarot card

Discover the Future of Tarot Readings: AI-Powered Insights for Love, Career and Personal Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this really work? How can this replace a human tarot trader?

Tell the reader where you’re looking for insights or guidance in your life. What’s the most pressing issue in your life right now? Give the reader some context and try it for yourself.

The AI Tarot Reader, using its comprehension of humanity’s knowledge, including our psychology, sociology and philosophy will read the cards and offer its insights.

What makes the AI tarot reader better than other readers?

The AI Tarot Reader may not entirely replace the human touch or intuition. However it it’s available 24/7 and can provide provide quick and efficient readings, which can be especially useful for users seeking guidance in a short amount of time.

How much is a reading?

It is currently free to get a reading from the AI Tarot Reader.

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