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Perry & Co

I recently purchased a complete pack of Perry & Co playing cards c 1865, I just wanted to check with anyone if they had seen a similar pack, particularly the ace of spades. The condition and detail is lovely, but is it too good?ThanksDavid

Jaques Happy Families

I found a deck of cards at my great aunt's house that I was eventually able to identify through Google Images as an iteration of Jaques Happy Families. (She was born and raised in England.) I could easily determine they weren't part of the original printing b...

Possible Valuation

Would I be able to get your opinion on these cards and maybe a rough value, and wether you would be interested in purchasing them. Thank you in advance. John

Patience Playing Cards

I thought you might appreciate these? I was trying to find a date for them and came across you website. Lucy

Identifying a Spanish-Suited 40-Card Deck

I found an old deck of cards in my grandfather's garage and I'm not sure how the game is played. I have attached a picture of the deck and it has 40 cards in total. Who knows maybe it's a collectors item. Thanks

P. Lazarus and Co. Playing Cards

I am asking you for advice about a set of cards which I have owned for over 50 years. They are by P. Lazarus and Co. and are a full set including joker info card, sleeve and outer box, albeit in aged condition, front, back and most of box are included. The cards subject is o...

Antique erotic transparent cards.

Hello. I have this complete deck from my father's collection from Barcelona. Only with a intensive light you can see erotic images. I am not able to find anyone like this. Can anyone help me to date or document it?.

Musical Snap Cards

Hi I recently bought this deck of cards but unable to find any information on them, do you have any suggestions of where to look. Many thanks Ros

An unusual Cribbage board

Hello All,I hope you are all well.I'm after your thoughts on a cribbage board I recently acquired.If the pictures have uploaded you will see that it's quite unique. It's small, around 8" long and 3" wide. Now here's the thing, it only has 51 holes on each side, two rows of 25...

Hardy & Sons

Since I posted the last discussion here I have not had any replies to help with this deck identification, but since then I have done more research myself and the deck looks to be made by Hardy although I am not sure of the year. I saw information on this website showing Hardy & Sons (1784 - ...

Antique French cards

Hello.I hope you will help me identify this deck of antique playing cards. My idea is that they are 18th century French. My mother bought them at a flea market in France in the 1980's to bring back to me since I collected playing cards. She was a little upset at their condition but I was t...

Can anyone identify this "France Desory" deck of cards?

Can anyone identify this "France Desory" deck of cards? I found it with family photos from Alsace Lorraine from the mid 1800s.

French Watermarks

Hello everyone,I've noticed that there are multiple different Watermarks used by french cards and was wondering if anyone knew the date range of the different marks. As of now, I've only seen 3 different ones, a wreath seeming to be the newest, a Napoleonic Eagle (more likely Napoleon III ...

Fratelli Armanino

I have a pack of Fratelli Armanino cartes pour dames no 19... As seen on your website… I was thinking of selling them and was wondering if they have a...

Early Chad Valley Snap, Linda Edgerton

I'm sorting out my box of memories and found an old game of snap which I remember playing as a child, back in the 1940/1950s. Sadly I find one card is missing (young girl "Look Out There") also two sets of this box are not politically correct (PC) today and may well be considered as racist.

Jeux de cartes To Tom

Bonjour Je possède un jeux de carte To tom ( je pense) que vous décrivez sur votre site, dans son étui, neuf avec toutes les cartes. Est ce que cela vous intéresse ? Marie

New bond playing cards

I have a pack of new bond playing cards with a fabric finish still inner wax paper sealed depicting a hunting scene and I was wondering which era they would have been from?Please see photos attached.RegardsSteve hall

Bernard Dondorf

For an assignment I have to make a visual analysis of an image, in this case a work by Dondorf. The image and a selection of the name stated at the bottom can be found in the attachment. This is a porcelain card from the waiters of a café, which would have be...


I have a full set of the 1983 French eroticartes you have listed on this website / pino zac. Would you be interested in buying them? Many thanks

'Greetings from 1916'

Hi all,I recently acquired a part deck of cards that I'm having real trouble to identify and date. I can't make out the name at the bottom on the back. Florence?? and there is nothing on the AS to suggest a maker. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Shakespearean Playing Cards

Question about my Shakespearean deck: a note at the bottom of the Ace of Spades indicates that it was printed by BEMROSE & SONS LTD. (followed by) Rd. No. 367882. Is this the same deck that was printed by John Waddington, Ltd. 1932-33 or possibly the 1902 version?

Unrecognized B. P. Grimaud deck

Hi I found this B. P. Grimaud deck but when I looked under the decks found none matched up. If anyone has any advice or knows what deck is I would love the help. Found them while clearing out my grandfathers things

Anonymous Spanish-suited cards

Mi envio es por si pueden ayudar con informacion sobre el origen e historia de los naipes que les hice llegar. Es posible ayuda para identificar esta baraja? Gracias

"Diamond" Jimmy Moran Food for Kings

Hi,I am trying to find out what year these cards were made and how much they go for. I am considering giving them as a gift to an avid gambler friend of mine.Thanks,Christine

Tarocchi Gialli by Nick Ribera — Kickstarter

Tarocchi Gialli combines tarot mysticism with Italian Gothic horror aesthetics; based inspiration from the movie posters of Italian Giallo films from the 60s and 70s

Aleister Crowley: Beastly Trumps

Beastly Trumps features a thrilling mix of the incredibly strange characters from the life and times of Aleister Crowley, all brought to life with captivating artwork. Each set consists of 31 character cards, allowing you to mix them together for an epic and unforgettable gaming experience. What...


I can not same to find any information on these cards. if anybody has any information on them can you please let me know. When they were made... This is also the original box they came in there was a mallard duck on top.

Souvenir of Scotland playing cards

I'm just wondering weather you'd be able to help me? I noticed on your article about the 1960s Scottish souvenir playing cards, and I noticed your box is red and that they preceded the others but when I read that piece the box was different? The thing is I also have a full set with jokers and box...

Could anyone help identify and date this deck please

I found these cards in an old box along with some old postcards etc and was wondering if anyone could help identify and date them?Many thanksKellie

Hartley’s Circular Playing Cards

I have a full set of Hartley's Circular Playing Cards from 1880-1900, in pretty good condition, which I am looking to sell and I have no idea how to.go about it. I am in Melbourne, Australia. See images attached.

Query About Playing Cards

Hello! I have a query about two fragments of playing cards that were found under the floorboards of a 16th-century house in the London area. I am attaching a photo here. I was wondering if you might have any idea when they date to? Thank you very much for you...

Canasta deck (Mexican) over 60 yrs old

Anything that you can tell me about this old game deck that my parents had back in the 1950/60’s? Any comments or advice regarding selling this game to someone who would enjoy it? Picture attached.

Waddington Linen Tennant's Stout Deck

I bought this pack of linen cards for .25 cents today at a thrift store in Dallas,TX. I have tried and tried to find info on this specific Waddington deck thru Google lens with zero luck. Deck is complete but has no Jokers. There is a sticker inside the bottom of the box that says "L. 42". I thin...

Old City Scape London with Bridge

The box the cards came in is brown wood grained paper thick over a card board like material, bit not like cardboard I have scene before. Could be card stock, well I am not sure. The box has a top golden beveled edge and the playing cards sides are golden. I believe the 3 generation back so early ...

Early French Deck mid 1800's or earlier?

I have a set of playing cards that my grandfather had but I don't know where they came from and they appeaer to be much older than he was (born 1890). He was in WWI and did go to Europe so I suppose he could have picked them up then but I think they are older and would really appreciate any insi...

Deck origin story

So this site finally told me they're hungarian fortune telling cards. They were gifted to me 25+ years ago wrapped in a cloth. No box, no insert. Can anyone give me some background on them? When and where they were printed? Can I find an original box somewhere? Do.they have a value ...

Dating Russian Card Deck

Hello, I am trying to date these cards and if you know the designers name that would be great. 2 decks of 52 cards came together in a box that says 2 decks on it in Russian and I believe the seal on the ace of diamonds says something about the state monopoly. Dimensions 2.75" x 1.75." Any clues w...

Otto Dix 'Skat Cards' 1920

Hi ....I collect items portrayed in famous works of ArtIn 1920 Otto Dix completed a painting entitled "Card Playing War Cripples" which is at the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin. As you can see from the picture they match 'Attenburger Stutkarte Nr 148'. Both the packets I have fo...

Unopened New Bond playing cards

I have a pack of the above in a blue box with London scenes on the rear. The tax wrapper is intact and has been stamped, I think by Woolworths. From the style of the box my guess is these are from just pre or during WW2. I have absolutely no interest in keepi...

1910 RWS Crackle back (Pam A) tarot deck with dark blue case

I have an original vintage 1910 RWS crackle back (Pam A) set of tarot cards in its original dark blue slip case that are in excellent condition. How can I find their value? I know they are very rare but cannot find another set to be able to value them. Any suggestions?

Pierre Marechal (1567 Deck)

Hello All,Hats off to the website. The World of Playing Cards is an amazing one-stop source of history!As someone who plays cards often with family and friends, I can attest - most people have little-to-no grasp of poker history and/or the history of the talented craftsman who creat...

Atlantic Playing Card Co. - USS New York, BB-34, ca. 1926-1945?

Hello, All,I frankly don't remember how I came to possess these cards, but I have this bridge set, depicting the USS New York, BB-34, as she would have been seen after her extensive refit in 1926. The tripod masts in lieu of the cage-style masts she bore from 1912-1926, are the primary in...

Playing cards deck

Hi, We were searching through my grandpa’s collection and found these playing cards. We had the idea that they could be very old cards and were wondering if you are able see or figure out what era or year they are from. I wasn’t able to find the exact cards i...

Playing cards

Hi I would like to know when these cards were printed please. They belonged to my grandmother and I play with them now.

New York Consolidated Card Company No 142

I have a full deck of Silent Film stars, both Men and Women with their portraits and signatures. They are in fantastic condition. Could you tell me if these are common or rare. I also understand you do not give valuations, but any help you could give so I can research to determine a value would b...

German (circa 19th century?)

Can someone help with what my grandfathers playing cards are, as well as how valuable/rare they are too please. Can’t find anything anywhere! found ASS Altenberger so far, found something could be maybe in British museum that’s similar too. But nothing that can really educate me

Saxon playing cards

A deck of cards belonged to my great grandfather who came to US from Dresden, Germany before 1900. (I can get exact dates if needed.) I can't find these exact cards anywhere. They are not in great condition; just curious as to age, etc. Thank you so very much