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Deck origin story

Deck origin story

So this site finally told me they're hungarian fortune telling cards.

They were gifted to me 25+ years ago wrapped in a cloth. No box, no insert.

Can anyone give me some background on them? When and where they were printed? Can I find an original box somewhere? Do.they have a value (I would never part with them. ..just curious!). The more I can learn about them the better.

Thank you in advance.


Roddy Somerville's Avatar'

According to K. Frank Jensen's catalogue of fortune-telling cards ("The Prophetic Cards"), this pack was published c.1978. I certainly had packs for sale in 1981. As far as I recall, they came cello-wrapped only, i.e., no box and no instructions. In 1981, these packs cost less than one British pound.

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