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Early Chad Valley Snap, Linda Edgerton

Early Chad Valley Snap, Linda Edgerton
Early Chad Valley Snap, Linda Edgerton

I'm sorting out my box of memories and found an old game of snap which I remember playing as a child, back in the 1940/1950s. Sadly I find one card is missing (young girl "Look Out There") also two sets of this box are not politically correct (PC) today and may well be considered as racist.

I guess my question is would the box be saleable? None of my descendants know what it so what to do with them? Which is sad if they are not wanted, as they are such a unique picture into the inter war years in Britain. I do hope someone can advice me.

Regards David Phillips.

Margate UK.


Peter Willatts's Avatar'

You could try selling the set on ebay. If you search for 'Vintage The Round Game of SNAP Card Game by Chad Valley', you'll find a number of similar sets for sale at prices starting from £9.99. I suggest a starting price at the low end because one card is missing. If you're concerned about the racist pictures on some of the cards, then don't include these in the photos you post.

Simon Wintle's Avatar'

The set is collectible and saleable, even with one card missing. The original box is in good condition (you didn't mention whether the rules are also present). As you say, it provides documentary evidence of a past era in our social history. If you aren't sure what to do with it on account of the outdated imagery, we suggest possibly donating it to your local museum for posterity.

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