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Otto Dix 'Skat Cards' 1920

Otto Dix 'Skat Cards'  1920

Hi ....I collect items portrayed in famous works of Art

In 1920 Otto Dix completed a painting entitled "Card Playing War Cripples" which is at the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin. As you can see from the picture they match 'Attenburger Stutkarte Nr 148'. Both the packets I have found are from after WW2. What I can't seem to find is cards dating or pre dating the painting. I think they might have been originally produced by Stralsund ? but that's a real shot in the dark.

Hopefully there is someone out there with more info on what I should be looking for.

Thanks Michael


Taras Ozarko's Avatar'

Hi, if you care about the production year, then you should also pay attention that there are two Kings of acorns on the painting.

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