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Pierre Marechal (1567 Deck)

Pierre Marechal (1567 Deck)

Hello All,

Hats off to the website. The World of Playing Cards is an amazing one-stop source of history!

As someone who plays cards often with family and friends, I can attest - most people have little-to-no grasp of poker history and/or the history of the talented craftsman who created the images and printed the cards. 

I thought it would be fun to draw a facsimile of Pierre Marechal's earliest deck to display in my card room but have been unable to determine how many cards were in the original deck. I believe the number is less than 52 but have been unable to confirm. 

Also, are Pierre Marechal's (c.)1567 cards in the public domain? I've had a couple requests for copies.

Much thanks