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Eclipse Comic playing cards (reproduction) 2020

Eclipse Comic playing cards (reproduction)

Eclipse Comic playing cards is a reproduction of the first transformation pack printed in the USA in 1876 by F.H. Lowerre.

Friendly Felines 2017

Friendly Felines

‘Friendly Felines’ playing cards designed by Azured Ox, 2017.

Fungi Mycological Playing Cards 2018

Fungi Mycological Playing Cards

Mystic Mushrooms Playing Cards, 2018.

Hustling Joe 1895

Hustling Joe

Hustling Joe himself appears on the Ace of Spaces dressed in red.

Vanity Fair 1895

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair No.41 Playing Cards by the United States Playing Card Co, 1895. All the number cards have been imaginatively transformed.

Ye Witches’ Fortune Cards 2019

Ye Witches’ Fortune Cards

Review of the 2019 edition Ye Witches Fortune Cards No 62